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  1. best mid / bot in na https://gyazo.com/93752cdee2c385d48a767f2e64db862b
  2. I still haven't gotten my free kfc bucket, fuckin smelly
  3. turn on server 2 :D

  4. great tage song selection on point !!!
  5. dog.

    Asylum Expansion

    I chose other because I would like to see Stratis' great return on Server 3. Fuck all of these other options, they are pointless and come no where close to the greatness of Stratis!
  6. +1 greatest castle rocks player ive ever seen kappa
  7. This kids up and coming give him a chance +1
  8. @Oskarr did it first
  9. If you don’t you’ll get corona no lime
  10. stratis was better just bring that back instead
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