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  1. This is the truth, there is no other 7.62 20 round magazines in the game.
  2. Looking forward to more crime being committed on the islands. Makes Asylum cop life less like a driving simulator and more like a life game.
  3. How mad chat?
  4. First thing I saw in the list was this and was happy with this patch.
  5. You did with the prowler, what more do you need?
  6. Finally no more unlocking prowlers to get people in! Also were lights added to the prowler this patch?
  7. This seems more on a common sense failure then training....
  8. The A.P.D. has not gotten any smarter, only stupider.
  9. Never has anyone person stated that lucky was an intelligent being...
  10. Maths is hard, and so is English.
  11. Most of the A.P.D. is to stupid for me to risk any armor. I know this from long experience of fighting rebels and its minor impact on the fights that happen anymore. Why should I use armor on people who will only sit in deerstands, towers, or office building roof tops.
  12. Been there, done that, never happening again.
  13. Red burgers used to be bugged and were not eatable as the server didn't see them as a food item.
  14. Solid Patch.