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  1. +1 to this great stuff!
  2. Screw that Tec-9 and rush B
  3. Yes I do remember that and was just considering that to be brought up as well. To the main point of if there is a bug in the system players will abuse it which would take time for the devs to patch.
  4. The issue with that is then the server is running more code for a small entity such as the helmets. As far as the helmet armor level goes I don't know how they do compare but I doubt that asylum has any real interest in adding level 2 helmets to asylum.
  5. My only issue with these requests would be the helmet as it is armor level 2. In the past only one unit had access to a helmet like this which was SWAT (R.I.P.). As the current balance of asylum goes I do not believe that adding it in the idea that only medics will have access is a good move. As someone who has been here a long time the players will abuse this function and will allow rebels to accumulate them while the medics who need them will almost never use the. The armor and helicopter are interesting but I do think that the EH202 would not see much use as it can be rare to see the hummingbird and the armor could show some problems.
  6. @Tyler What am I, chop liver!?!
  7. If gangs i.e. rebels are not fighting then cops have no one doing banks/prisons/feds or committing crimes, thus making cops pointless. Also changing an HQ makes it part a cop issue as well.
  8. If cops are camping locations then report them. The cops are required to wait 20 minutes between checking with some exceptions.
  9. This is the truth, there is no other 7.62 20 round magazines in the game.
  10. Looking forward to more crime being committed on the islands. Makes Asylum cop life less like a driving simulator and more like a life game.
  11. How mad chat?
  12. First thing I saw in the list was this and was happy with this patch.
  13. You did with the prowler, what more do you need?
  14. Finally no more unlocking prowlers to get people in! Also were lights added to the prowler this patch?
  15. This seems more on a common sense failure then training....