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  1. ColtonB205

    When BlackBlade goes for LT

    Big yikes...
  2. ColtonB205

    Introducing Psycosis The Unbreakable

    When I hit him I had no time to react, but ok I feel no remorse for what occurred that day.
  3. ColtonB205

    More Skins!

    Blue angels style would be an interesting to see on it. Other than that maybe go with a Vietnam era F4 Phantom look.
  4. ColtonB205

    Some content ideas

    Not looking for the skin only the add-ons (lights, reflective tape) the helmet I stated was 1. I did not check the fatigues but I do believe they are not armored like almost all CSAT clothing items are.
  5. ColtonB205

    Some content ideas

    (Cargo doesn't have sidelights in image due to oversight in production of images) When spawning these in as the Gendarmerie blufor variants they have a really awesome horn which could prove problematic as police sirens are initiation on asylum. This function would have to be looked into for feasibility reasons. Two things are on display both from the tanks dlc (probably the only things we could possibly add) which are the CSAT tanker helmet (Armor 1) and the AAF tanker fatigues. I do believe these would be interesting additions to the server with the AAF and NATO pilot coveralls thrown in there for more clothing variety. Just my 2 cents on some possible "content" and donor additions for the current moment. Place your thoughts below, as I am sure to see them being ever so pleasant...
  6. ColtonB205


    Add these skins to donor 5-7? Currently lacking majorly in comparison to the first 4 levels.
  7. ColtonB205

    Donor 7 perk update

    Pretty much
  8. ColtonB205

    Donor 7 perk update

    Possible loot crate for more cop cosmetics for vehicles / more cosmetics behind the donor levels? I do think it would be interesting to see what the hunter and strider could look like if some skins with effort put into them could look like.
  9. ColtonB205

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Can't when classes are back in session and am miles away from my computer.
  10. ColtonB205

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Have yet to see any pictures of the new prison. Anyone got some?
  11. ColtonB205

    APD Captain Announcement

    Congrats @Codie Alterman well deserved!
  12. ColtonB205

    Interview room for cops

    Heard rumors of the A.P.D. having such an ability to lock doors in HQs. Also included in those rumors are the words it was abused so it was removed.
  13. ColtonB205


    Duplication of money on the same charges I believe was the reason for the change.
  14. -1 here only because I don't think we need more gas stations that can be robbed. Cops are limited in the area they can cover depending on how many are on duty. From what I remember there are gas stations that are off-the beaten-path that are robbed minimally. There is a gas station by the lumber mill north of DP11 and another south of pyrgos. Those places were added a while back on top of the other locations which existed before that. My point here is that it can be hard to always know which gas station is currently being robbed as some only tap the robbery making it near impossible to find out where the robbery was or even if it is still going on as the system is a little buggy. As a cop who tries to make it to all the robberies having to locate the 1 gas station that is being robbed among the 7 as you said + response time makes this idea in my honest opinion less likely that you will encounter cops.
  15. ColtonB205

    Asylum Announcement

    And away we go!