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  1. Start time: 2 AM Host: Chow Mein Supervisor: ColtonB205 All ranks welcome!
  2. Sounds good to me makes no sense having the black markets practically next to each other.
  3. Do you have a map screen shot to show where this is in the sofia area?
  4. Start Time: 1 AM UTC Host: ColtonB205 All ranks welcome!
  5. Small quality of life change for cops: Add binos to the spawn loadout.
  6. Start time: 1:30 AM UTC Host: Chow Mein Supervisor: ColtonB205 All ranks welcome!
  7. Have issues loading a mag into the gun while in a medic slot on cop. I can buy and hold the weapon though. @Gen. Henry Arnold
  8. Gotta admit that I don't recall hearing the rotors snap but that could also equate out to not being able to hear due to the people fighting at bank.
  9. Keep it up love seeing all this activity for asylums continued development!
  10. I am asking for many who were told by the old owners "Are there any plans to look to re-implementing/working SWAT?"
  11. Just an idea I had recently Henry but has the old SWAT ladder been considered for use in the store at the police HQ's? I do not not enough about the cop y inventory store to understand how possible it would be to add it behind say a rank like corporal and simply have a policy on how many can be out at a time or hard script on limited placement? Just some ideas as I have no idea where SWAT stand but this sounds like a temporary solution to the problem.
  12. Coming from an old time Lieutenant it would be nice to see traffic offenses being enforced. I do think this has the same problem as why officers don't do checkpoints. This comes down to two things: everyone flying around in helicopters (rebels) or the shear speed of sport hatchbacks which the A.P.D. currently struggles to chase. Most police do not like to sit in one place for ANY length of time let alone sit at one of the checkpoints or spend the time to make one when you will maybe see one or two people.
  13. When the A.P.D. had SWAT this was part of their loadout. So it WAS at one point on asylum if it were to be added back would need to have the binocular script placed on it.
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