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  1. I own a 70k in Abdera, and a 150k in DP5 or DP4 havent been on in forever. It's 1.4km from the house in Abdera. PM me prices if interested
  2. Can confirm
  3. no that was an example, didnt actually happen
  4. I don't know about anybody else but it gets pretty annoying when you send a gang a war request and 10 minutes or so later youre chilling in Athira and go afk to take a shit and you come back to see you were killed by them because they accepted war and then killed you then ended war just for the war points!!! I think there should be something maybe a timer whether its a full restart for the war to end or fifteen minutes, but this happens all the time in different situations, sometimes they see you without a gun and accept it for a total of around 40 seconds, it just gets very annoying and something should be implemented to combat the people who cant legitimately get war rating at fights.
  6. I highly recommend you swing by the local walmart and grab a bottle of bleach before watching this Btw this autoplayed next, first clip is cringier than the whole minecon video
  7. 105k
  8. 100k?
  9. 150k?
  10. 120K?
  11. Its Aaron who dies.. If you watch the last bit over and over again (lmao i know from experience) Negan says that if they say another word to take the boys other eye (or something like that) and moves the bat a little to the right (or left) i dont remember. So then i rewatched the part before that and Aaron was the one on that side of Carl
  12. The talent point system is designed to give you talents "during the normal course of gameplay". Buying 100k worth of one item and using it uselessly is not"in the normal course of gameplay" Regardless, after the next hotfix it won't be an issue anymore. Well, unless you want to spend about 4.5x as much as you are now anyway. @Gnashes why would you make them 4.5x more when you could change the code to make adrenaline shots not give talent points??
  13. OP dank meme^^^^
  14. "RIP Lawless NA" -Mod Que'ed Motard
  15. All of Lawless leadership lives in Florida so if we all die don't shit talk the gang when the plebs take over... Thanks @[email protected]/|/|3GA @House. might finally get to be enforcer.