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  1. I dont hear yanny at all......
  2. What was the "balance tweak"?
  3. Outplayed
  4. Good luck, you're going to need it.
  5. Nice tage bro
  6. Thanks @Gen. Henry Arnold looking good man, just keep sending some more love to the donors!
  7. MONEY MONEY MONEY nice tage bro @Tanner @Right @brett get shit on
  8. Because you are a master of the medic trade while you are in the medic slot and all police HQ's are equipped with what you need for the job to keep everyone safe.
  9. Make some more skins man we need some more variety in game. Maybe you can convince them to put some free ones in the mix. *rebel talent tree* *represent* customize your own gang vehicle skin.
  10. Some free skins every once in a while would be great I know not everyone is able to afford keys financially. Consider it a nice gesture for belonging to the community. With all of the skins out now can we please get an option to just buy them.(I mean I realize that it would defeat the purpose of the gamble, but damn there has to be another option/way) I'm sorry but 160+dollars in keys and no general lee hatchback skin is ridiculous. I would have rather paid that much for the thing I wanted instead of some shit I'll never use. What happened to the option where other players could sell them? Wasn't that a thing if the lucky bastards got more than one they could sell them to other players? I mean you can add onto the donation rewards. X amount donated equals hatch skin. Not any different than rewards already implemented that way. @bamf
  11. @Gnashes @bamf Any sort of "prestige shop" would be nice.
  12. grenade literally blew up in your face you didn't die (car tanked probably) and I die behind my ifrit in a different spot than where you shot me on your screen also i was naked somehow(BOHEMIA BUG BTW) gfs though just noticed you were at 72hp then jumped to 100 so the grenade actually healed you lol legit as fuck then i hit you and you go back down to 70(bohemia but btw)
  13. EXACTLY, just was being extra careful.....