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  1. YOU GIVE ME MONEY?! NO MONEY! HANDSUPA! New sign in-front of prison (tm).
  2. Lol. Farm tickets much?
  3. Good, too many cops complaining about too many cops.
  4. You cut me deep!! #rude
  5. Wipe? Wrong!
  6. I didn't say searching civilians would equal contact.
  7. Know what would be interesting? No payout for tickets, lethals, or parole. It would probably be a real pain to code but instead track contact made with civilians instead. Issuing tickets, pardons, parole, giving warnings for misbehaving, time spent at fed/bank/prison break, etc etc would return contact points with civilians. At the end of your shift you clock out at an HQ and get your pay check.
  8. This was me when I realized cop was just a meme to you. Thehurts.
  9. The pressure getting to you now? lol
  10. http://wiki.gaming-asylum.com/8.0_Hype
  11. @Midamaru gettin blacklisted errrrywhere!
  12. Bamf plays Olympus. Confirmed.
  13. What you just said is blasphemy. Just sayin.
  14. WHAT IS THIS?!