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  1. We all know you like to post things with Logical reasoning but you failed with that because 2 of the things you mentioned arent brought to cartels.
  2. I heard Dally Giggling
  4. Please Suggest a loadout that is viable.
  5. That happened before the 2km pay range and anyone who wasn't grouped together was either Undercover or AFK on dispatch.
  6. Give me skins for headshots. I want to run around with a gun MK-1. If I unlock gold on all guns give me Diamond Skin camo aswell.
  7. It will all be mine soon.
  8. alright.
  9. Any suggestions on a good Nuclear Reactor setup?
  10. Someone stole the nuclear Reactor. If my MFSU is at full capacity and I destroy it will my power be lost?
  11. Looking for some help stealing someones power. This is what the Power Situation looks like.
  12. Incorrect report format.
  13. You managed to find the forums why cant the others?
  14. *Insert Comment about Unique ID's Here*