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  1. ChicoXL

    Modded Server

    Takistan is a big +1 from me. Its just Wasteland with soundboards!
  2. ChicoXL

    Asylum Forums

    Azeh for Developer.
  3. ChicoXL

    Asylum Forums

    Can you guys fix this shit right now Ive got 4 options of terrible color schemes to choose from and it is making my eyes hurt.
  4. ChicoXL

    Remove APD Weapons

    Give me back parole and you speds can go back to camping donor town. We all know this is why you took parole away.
  5. Sometime's the APD abuse their weapons whether it be "Script Failure" or not. I think that all apd members should have their weapons removed because it is being abused. It has been this way for a couple years now and with the new CoP who is already making great strives with removing parole I dont think this is a too far fetched idea. It would increase role play by 10 folds and hopefully lead to more memorable moments with the APD.
  6. ChicoXL

    Change Log 8.3.1

    LIGHT RP server dont force me to RP or wait 45min you meatheads.
  7. ChicoXL

    Asylum #5

    Getting 1 kill and then speeding the clip up 30 seconds doesnt make it any better then single kills.
  8. ChicoXL

    Kareem Kinte | Montage #4

    You built like the worms off men in black.
  9. ChicoXL

    Montage #2

    Have you tried 1st person?
  10. ChicoXL

    Donor Rewards!!!!

    $12 per 100k and we got a deal.
  11. ChicoXL

    Montage #2

    hmu looking to buy a myle
  12. ChicoXL

    Bounty hunter shop for Therisa

    Only useful thing you listed was the Airshop/DMV everything else is completely useless
  13. ChicoXL

    Bounty hunter shop for Therisa

    1. It really isnt a city just like Kavala / Pyrgos / Athira / Sofia. There are legal ways to make money around those Cities. There is nothing to do at Therisa other then Drug runners and picking some barley. 2. Who cares if 15 rebels are added if only 2 of them are viable to get to and from in a reasonable time. Im not spawning Sofia to get geared at a rebel to pull a helicopter to land at drug runner and then pull a car just to fight a cartel.
  14. ChicoXL

    Montage #2

    Must be trying to dethrone Jamal with this montage.
  15. ChicoXL

    Video contest submission - Alec-I

    -1 used your own quote.