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  1. Dont think how much money you made matters when youre dead
  2. Shouldnt have went to the bathroom to huff glue and snort pixie sticks in 5th grade.
  3. @Reapered Fuck all those other guys.I was starting to think you being Hardstuck Support was a joke.
  4. You killed 1 person hard peeking top tower and put it in your montage. You had 14 prior montages to learn and failed with the 15th dont release a 16th please. But I like your song choice The old me would of roasted you for pulldowns but I now understand it was your stepbrother keep up the good work!
  5. 2grand a month and ur still buying shitty booters.
  6. Just curious. How do u see this. I want to look at my old shit.
  7. He is the only admin running the event and he is telling you what days he can run it. I dont think it matters to him if the event happens.
  8. 6-0
  9. Might have to be backĀ 

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    2. Tyrone hugh
    3. ChicoXL


      Dont repair your pc just to comeback to asylum if thast why your doing it. Its dying rn

    4. Tyrone hugh

      Tyrone hugh

      coming back to you<3

  10. why has no one mentioned telos thats an asylum classic lel.
  11. Cory BumperCarts made you kiddo.
  12. Hi pickle dick.
  13. um. No idea what the range is but im lvl 40
  14. Hey daddy Can I get a boost in BDO