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  1. Same way we felt when we read your post about listening to the community.
  2. Should of put it down faster than Squirtle's APD Career
  3. No Video or Screenshot
  4. Remember when you got denied from Latin Kings.. Haha shitter xD o7
  5. 24/7 training of the B team has started.
  6. Wicked was trash <3
  7. Bought this guy 1 month ago. Man let me tell you I had 11/20 vision before I purchased it as soon as I used her I had 20/20 vision. Great piece of machinery.
  8. I just wanted everyone to witness the 2nd greatest montage after mine.
  9. One man army pro with the noobtube. I like the setup good work.
  10. Personally more of a Darius Rucker or Kip Moore guy but no doubt Aldean has some bangers
  11. @Marzoh Your a pube head bitch
  12. Cant AFK hours when the servers crash every 2 hours
  13. Only person suffering here is you Havent met your weekly quota of likes? Looks like youll need to drop a new suggestion topic on how to increase server pop.