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  1. Worst Assassin in league
  2. Looks like you
  3. Now all you gotta do is join the snapchat group
  4. How do I apply to this awesome gang?
  5. GFX

    Rough draft I did for you. I prefer In-game money
  6. What I see is you got dicked on once and didnt want it to happen again
  8. You impersonating an officer?
  9. Is that the same person who said "Go looking forward to being called retarded in sidechat."
  10. Because he makes in-game skins straight from paint
  11. Where did the mean man touch you?
  12. You dont think this will be abused? Farmville robs the bank 5 officers respond 2 die immediately and respawn air hq and head straight to donor. Poor old steve on Construction gets lethaled and respawns donor only to be met by dickhead 1 and 2 and he now waste up to 1hr being processed. Dickhead 1 and 2 just made 75k for respawning
  13. He didnt work for my bounty why profit.
  14. If I want to clear my bounty 2 things happen. I go unreachable or i turn myself in to courthouse.
  15. Also have to make it so +100k bounties can turn themselves in at courthouse. Id say its pretty unfair to force everyone with a 100+k bounty to talk to a cop and potentially waste his time with a reduction he wont or financially cant afford. Either turn yourself in and do your 45min or keep the bounty until you talk to a cop or get caught