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  1. (Ifrits) Finest Mitch
  2. first
  3. Instead of getting better at the game yall just buy better booters
  4. None of those around these parts of asylum anymore
  5. The ones that hit eachother off?!?
  6. Didnt you make a post about how you were depressed and blah blah blah....
  7. Fake news
  8. honestly dont make 22
  9. Would you like me to sign your steam profile?
  10. Yea you screenshot every babs ban that tries to connect Makes sense Stick to leading ur cult of 14yr olds
  11. Dont use my name for relevance shitter. Go back to kidnapping cops in kavala.
  12. Or for the usage of the word FAM.
  13. You need endurance your not bulking or cutting your fine with Repitition. Push yourself Your mind will giveup on you before your body will.
  14. Wish I had friends with a vagina
  15. Be more positive and encourage new players that helps stability/performance