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  1. @Clockwerk Needs to be paid for these. Looks like you play league in power saving mode
  2. Bring back Stellar Tac Comms and remove this shit from the forums
  3. You and him have something in common... The only thing you both have been in would be your sister's.
  4. f2 f3 you guys never would have made it that close against Stellar
  5. Decided to comeback for a bit got a few clips! Hope you enjoy!
  6. Why are you still making suggestions? New moderators already got picked you missed your chance kiddo
  7. @Nino Brown I asked him to help me get unbanned from the discord and have yet to be unbanned. This man is useless.
  8. ChicoXL

    My Life

    Dod you expect to go from playing arma everyday for 3 years to doing some strenuous work with no repercussions?
  9. ChicoXL

    My Life

    Incorrect Your arma addiction = no work
  10. You ever thought about doing this community a favor and ride off on that silly steed you rode in on. You have done nothing for this community
  11. maybe should out “No Critism” in your title @Mitch (IFRIT) @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood Can we get something like this implemented so we can get some moderation on comments.
  12. Imagine giving gang advice when you a montage like this.
  13. Shooting someone out of a van with the doors wide open.
  14. ChicoXL

    My Life

    Youre a bitch and you made your friend look bad for vouching for you. You are the real dickhead.
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