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  1. The good old days
  2. Vyper noobs never left Sofia
  3. Get a helmet cam I wanna see some ragers get put out
  4. Where is my contributor?
  5. unreachable
  6. Just because you cant spawn at your house and gear within 4 minutes?
  7. Lmk when you want to lose a few loadouts. @JaeJae @Squirtle And I will be moving into the pro 3v3 Scene
  8. 7:12 too long
  9. If I recall valk got on boris' account and while we were at a bank blew up most vehicles at the bank because he pressed his redgull button on accident. That one still makes me laugh to this day.
  10. Looks like whoever owned that hunter outplayed some shitters
  11. I have no bans for combat storing a hunter in kavala
  12. If I recall. You played with a blatant cheater for several months and then when bratva remade played with even more blatant cheaters. Sit the fuck down you mong
  13. How much spawned in money you sell to buy that benz?
  14. Supras always getting dragged on youtubes.