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  1. will we be able to use jsrs ?
  2. i had fatal errors preventing me to start the game :/ i was able to fix by disabling geforce experience
  3. imagine not having to work 40 hours a week to only make less than that every 2 weeks z.z
  4. ii will find you

  5. #1 fan here
  6. been playing since it released today and i can say its a really good game, just a bit of desync when it comes to the pvp which can be annoying
  7. need more grotty gangs in my life
  8. idc about paychecks or anything i just miss it
  9. ive donated $100 to the server :'(
  10. so i spent all my money and wanna pull out my prestige but to pull out my 5mil i have to pay a fee of 3.75mil, thats insaneeeeee 75% way too much please lower for the broke boys D; i havent played in 6 months and lazy too grindddd
  11. Tryna get a sick zombie team
  12. if only you could patch them from pulling their internet ;"(