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  1. J9HUNNA

    Aslyum V2

    im a ape but i was trying to say thta jesse put the update on olympus and left us for dry lol olympus sucks btw
  2. J9HUNNA

    Aslyum V2

    so i went on olympus today... and i noticed they have the update we all been waiting for, how could you do this to us @Jesse
  3. J9HUNNA

    Summer 2019

    i started my new business slanging diapers that i steal from home depot's at self checkout and made a killing off my investments on soulja consoles!
  4. YOU JUST GOTTA FOLLOW THE RULES!!! It warms my heart you still think about us and check the forums even when the server is in a "coma" xD
  5. you sir are a noobhead
  6. Thank god im not not Dankbutt
  7. we lose 50% of those fights before we even arrive or on arrival, we are our own enemy :c
  8. is the shed still available?
  9. J9HUNNA


    a rapper starting out does alot of free things, no offense to any of our staff but i dont think its most developers/designers dreams to become aslyum staff and get paid for it and live off that wage, its a foot in the door
  10. why cant it just go boom then? lmao
  11. sooo RPG cost 50k each to disable a vehicle, what in the duck
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