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  1. ez pulldowns
  2. https://gyazo.com/8240e3d576597b6d90672bd3c2569fe0https://gyazo.com/67d8ce02fe9550e0d9edb639d2dfba65https://gyazo.com/[email protected]
  3. i'll play
  4. he put a hatch at the bottom you couldn't push if you wanted
  5. #freemydad!
  6. ty goodbye asylum
  7. free cougar ban me
  8. who are you?
  9. crunchedd go disband another gang
  10. is there skins i need my hacks
  11. hey i was thinking about how a good way to make carrier lites would be so something new was in the game i was thinking if shears were added to the market and you had to harvest wool/cloth from the goats and put that with iron to make carrier lites would be a great way
  12. Last time i was in kavala?
  13. https://gyazo.com/cf231e684f209b2b014f82af4a71864e both have to barrels
  14. Sheep you guys are blind af