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  1. who are you?
  2. crunchedd go disband another gang
  3. is there skins i need my hacks
  4. hey i was thinking about how a good way to make carrier lites would be so something new was in the game i was thinking if shears were added to the market and you had to harvest wool/cloth from the goats and put that with iron to make carrier lites would be a great way
  5. Last time i was in kavala?
  6. https://gyazo.com/cf231e684f209b2b014f82af4a71864e both have to barrels
  7. Sheep you guys are blind af
  8. @Fudger you put a clip of you shooting and killing nothing gj
  9. Cougar trys to kill me doesn't and talks shit on the forums just annoying get off your neighbors wifi too
  10. hey cougar you are fat sweaty nerd 1v1 me and get off my cock right now because you are my fucking stalker and need to get off my balls so sit or fight choose when we fight you we wipe you so hard you got Temper to come to the rescue and we still fucked you guys so sit plz
  11. Good job Nice metagaming @Rodrigo
  12. i am happy @Rodrigo i might get my comp soon
  13. i think that you should be able to buy a tool or something But