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  1. Water


    Ah herrrroooo mr fudger I’m back man growing slowly
  2. Water


    Its just clips from this week i wasnt making a real montage im just tryna figure out how to edit and shit properly so i made this from the recent clips i didnt go through em at all
  3. Water


    Plays.tv cause its easy to find clips
  4. Ok boys so I just put some clips behind this song cuz why not but the quality is shit even thought i exported in 1080p and recorded it in 1080p anyone can help to fix it in the future?
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/j5G5WXtaDYAkRrMM6
  6. As long as it’s near Dp 11 please and thank you
  7. What u use to edit? Nice Tage btw
  8. your heart is very expensive can you divide that number by like 8 thanks
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