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  1. fuck. I understand whiffing at a person.. but a fucking turtle?
  2. Yes
  3. Can we make it so that the cop shop only sells yellow spar16 mags since they down without the laser pointer? Edit: also the spawn-in loadout as well tyty
  4. #MeToo
  5. Some gangs complain about there being no fights and when the apd goes to give them a fight all they do is complain. ??
  6. DS orca clips are the best
  7. APD

    iM gOiNG tO bE SEaRcHInG yOur hEmMeT
  8. Malden is too small, tanoa/strife requires dlc so stratis is best.
  10. its and I
  11. @Cukofuko Why u tits so pointy
  12. I Woulda hit him with that 1 tap and alt f4 before the rest came
  13. Im going to make one of these one day
  14. Exile