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  1. What the Ching Chong Chang shit noliver or yushang talking
  2. You were trying to jump out before we even landed? I wasn’t even that bad
  3. I want to you but the content moderators wouldn’t approve soon buddy soon
  4. Just gunna say this.. not all rebels have to do the same thing.
  5. Take this down
  6. Once* btw
  7. @Spederino
  8. It’s a fucking video game just because you drink energy drinks irl doesn’t mean you fat ass can run a mile does it?
  9. See ya next week ”Alec puts out more content than the devs”
  10. “Rebal” montage - 1?
  11. i missed you
  12. Are signs still broken?
  13. @MoralityVII have my kids pizza eater
  14. Pin this, this is golden