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  1. so many up arrows
  2. one of the best players in the german academy community
  3. right dude everyone is forgetting about rappers like lil pump and takashi69
  4. you arent thanking me after the lessons i gave you?
  5. you are wasting your childhood on a video game and you are trying to make fun of someone
  6. dont listen to steve the vaporzierss stuff is starting to get to him nice one thero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. need new songs/playlist. comment favorites/playlist
  8. so frightening
  9. blatantly cheating why would u post this @Tom
  10. your mother must hate you
  11. How long till you say another retarded thing about people cheating! I got 3 seconds... taking bets!
  12. i was really hoping that i could pay money to like more posts each day. big fan!