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  1. No, i'm good. Thanks though.
  2. Lies
  4. Great minds think alike (mine is greater though tbh)
  5. Why do you use hotmail and not carrier pigeon?
  6. I like to play Checkers and Chess on it if it's just me and another person playing. When me and a few of my buddies play it, we play Sorry!, which typically results in a few flipped tables lol.
  7. Sorry dude, but apples are for noobs. Try making actual money like the rest of us with peaches. That's how you make some real cash.
  8. I was really hoping that I would down you as I was flying lol.
  9. I have like 5 of them in the NW part of Kavala for 1 mil each. Totally worth it, I promise.
  10. Houses can have a certain amount of crates or barrels. Crates and barrels occupy one storage slot EACH. Buy large crates only if you're going to buy crates, as small crates are useless. Here's a guide to how the houses work: 40k houses or garages = No storage, but garages can have purchased vehicles pulled out of them 70k house = Two storage (crates/barrels) Longhouses (the long dirt brick looking buildings) = Two storage (crates/barrels) Industrial Sheds = Two storage (crates/barrels) AND the ability to pull purchased vehicles from your garage 150k and 220k houses = Three storage (crates/barrels)
  11. I have no idea how to script or code, or really how any of that stuff works, but is it possible to have a script that causes crates to despawn if they haven't been accessed in a certain amount of time?
  12. Those kinds of Cadets are likely far and few between, so there would be far more issues with this than is really necessary.
  13. -1. The issue that I see with this is that Cadets a lot of the time don't know exactly what to add or when it applies. This also causes the problem of Constables not noticing a Cadet mischarging someone (not paying attention, 911 pings, speeding pings, etc.), and that person being processed not knowing that the Cadet is doing something wrong. I can see the logic that you're going for, but I do think it's flawed. Cadets are there to learn under supervision, not to have complete independence in processing. In theory, a Constable should always be present and attentive 100% of the time. Sadly, however, this is not always the case, and a system as you want it would be abused, and lead to IAs that could be avoided with the system that we currently have.
  14. Actual footage of BigPapaQ being thrown off of Kavala ATM: