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  1. Try not to be so rude and you might get there too
  2. see I don't get that. why should my hard work of tracking them down be thrown away with no reward because they broke the rules. if they put the script in I think the person should be able to get money for it. maybe not 100% but at least 50%.
  3. I’m sorry what?
  4. He made it to constable.
  5. okay, guys let calm down and just take a breather lol.
  6. I get that. but I also don't think that cartels should give an absurd amount of money. I think those rebels still need to go run drugs to make a lot of money as that is the point of the game. But yes I do agree with the idea that it wouldn't hurt and it would probably help if the cartels auto-gen money into the fridge. I don't think the auto-gen should be as high as it was before but it should definitely be in there.
  7. And I get that. I also think that if it did go into gang bank and auto gen money it would pretty much be handing you guys a fuck ton of money on a silver platter with almost no work attached to it due to no one fighting catels. But maybe I’m wrong and it might encourage people to fight for the catels. I don’t know
  8. I think that system might work. I say give it a shot. BUT I don’t think that will cause people to fight catels. It will go back to the old way of camping rebel. Now I don’t know how to fix it so people fight, I don’t. But maybe this could do it Who knows.
  9. I voted no because there is no inbetween. Rebels got what they had been asking for(money goes right into gang bank) and now people are still complaining about it. But I think there can be a compromise where the devs can look at the numbers and see what cartels aren’t doing well for the gangs that hold them and make those cartels auto generate money. Now I don’t think it should be the same about as it was before the change that is just absurd. But I do agree with you Sean that some catels should auto gen money. Especially wongs. I also like the idea of if the money is auto generated then it should have to be picked up from the fridge. I think that is a good compromise.
  10. there shouldn't be any spot that is "safe" for rebels, that's just not what the faction is supposed to have. but while we are allowed to patrol donor, we aren't allowed to camp it. Hell, my precinct even has a rule against it. but it will almost never become a rule that we cant go there as the APD.
  11. the only thing with rain is that some people who don't have good PC's cant do it. it lags their game to shit. but id is happy with whatever.
  12. 50k final offer!
  13. i didnt think i was being hostile, i was asking have you ever tried to just be happy with what they add?
  14. why does the support title have to be part of anything? i would have said what i said no matter what. everyone bitches about wanting new stuff and when new stuff is put in they find anything and everything to still bitch about. calling me out because of a title is completely irrelevant.
  15. please, what?