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  1. cops do not have to drop their gear for any number of reason. Now while i do agree cops should be dropping their gear they can simply give you some shit rp about how it was their from the academy or whatever and boom their dont have to drop it. Now for your side of the argument, you cant just kidnap a cop and be like give me your gear or whatever. that isnt gunna fly with anyone. make the rp interesting, fun, enjoyable. Also a side note, if you say "im taking the firing pin from your gun" that doesnt mean the cop cant shoot you or anything. if you can do it within the game mechanics then dont try it.
  2. thats part of the grind man, everyone has done it, just in different ways. cant expect to get things just handed to you, gotta work for them
  3. while not being in a gang for awhile im kinda rusty on this but i believe you do have a valid point for the turfs and their housing. while the older players have them and they by all means deserve to have them as they have gone though alot to get them or whatever. However It does cause a problem for newer gangs not being able to get a chance to really experience what its like to hold a turf and benefit from it, its a complex issue that i dont have a solution for but in due time there might just be one that emerges. also if you want lethals for your MX get apex predator like Sean said or just go to rebel and get an actual lethal rifle.
  4. we do RP its just if your story sucks and is outlandish, or about how it was all self defense your ticket will reflect your shit RP. now if someone tells a good story and keeps it believable they will get a pardon or even a very reduced ticket from me. now for other cops ive seen after 20 minutes of a good story say "i dont believe you" and then give a full ticket.
  5. i believe the word you are looking for is "cancer" or any other synonym.
  6. that's only if you want me to take points off.
  7. i made someone write me a one paragraph essay on why they are sorry for joining cop ts while not on cop, he actually did it!
  8. Good luck man, seem like a cool idea.
  9. Dude you were finding evidence before you formulated a thesis statement. Of course I figured you were trolling. You also are asking a rather odd question to which compounded the idea of you trolling.
  10. It is possibly it was handled differently then an anarchy member, now to the validity of that statement, I don't know the truth. Also i play cop a lot and I do it for fun, not just to hold my rank. Now about your statement of "you don't think he deserves the points". While you might not think he does, the fact of the matter is it's not up to you. So you can defend your friend for something you acknowledged he did wrong or you can accept the fact that it happened and he was punished and walk away with your head held slightly higher then it is now. Or just keep bitching. It doesn't matter or change the outcome
  11. The fact that you fail to realize that I cannot go into details about the IA, or the points that were issued any further. Go ahead and sit there and poke fun at the situation and go to bat for your buddies.It just continues to put you guys in a negative light that will never further your apd career. But then again why would you care? You just think that your boys never did anything wrong. I'm sure it's just like the times you were banned, you didn't do anything wrong. Keep makin your one-sided cases, and continue refusing to see the truth in the manner. Your blind eye must have some rather sharp vision for never being used.
  12. again im not going to put the details out there as they arent mine to share but the video shows a different story. As for the other situation with spoon, i have no idea but it is fully within the right of lacie as a Sgt to talk to them or give them a VW if it needs to be turned into points it would be, but you being an LT and all know how the system works and how points are handed out and people are dealt with right? oh wait no you dont.
  13. I'm not going to get into the detailed of the situation but I will say you fucked up, so you go slapped and now your whining like a child. take it like a man and stop bitching.
  14. No, you played stupid games while on cop and won stupid prizes. It's that simple.
  15. shhhh dont tell them the plan!!!