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  1. just pirate it, that's what I did.
  2. is that for real?
  3. while this does seem like a cool way to get shit govs out of office i think its just not possible. if you dont like the tax rate, try to get gov next time. it would be unfair because if you dont like who is in gov then you'd just start a revolution every time they got into office.
  4. just go to a different server. to be honest P2 bud...i mean come on...
  5. 15k final offer.
  6. Only those people. They’re the baddest of them all.
  7. thats only for the bad boys
  8. dont make me put you in timeout!
  9. Just stop. Please.
  10. i dont think it will be as toxic as you think man. most people here aside from the one off troll every now and then are good people. i think you'll be surprised how this community can come together when its needed.
  11. ahhh okay lol but yeah i mean dont go ham with the stuff you give them as to try to retain some balance but like the rebel talentt tree needs to be reworked and they also need something like cops have for the prestige trees. the cartel locations need to be changed as they have been where they are from when i first joined the server and just a few other minor changes that people want, i think that will keep the community happy for a while. but i do get it from a dev side, a lot of these suggestions are kinda trash lol not because they are bad ideas but because they don't back up why they are good or give any direction as to how it would be set up and balanced. Also all these people who say "pre 6.0 was great" i feel are stuck on the nostalgia of that time, where they only tend to remember the good stuff, but hey im pretty new around here i guess and am a career cops so take what i say with a grain of salt.
  12. I’d like to inform you mister that i left Kavala yesterday okay. It was for a few minutes but still counts. on a serious note though. It will never happen as those items have no need to be in an altis life game mode. Pretty much everything we have now ingame is what is acceptable for this type of game mode and cops don’t need more shit. If you’re gunna add anything give it to the rebel’s or something. The next few patches should be about them.
  13. @Alec-I you somehow made it onto my youtube recommended section lol https://gyazo.com/dded0a98ec97d53e8262d797b2bf1bcd