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  1. it gets halved.
  2. Give it a week or so and they will want it back the way it was before lol.
  3. I understand that. I think once gangs start fighting more then they should implement what you said to a degree. But till then it’s the only fights you guys might get at cartels. So fight and maybe win or sit there for 20 and afk on YouTube.
  4. So I’m rather lacking in the gang department, everyone knows that. But I do know that gangs kept complaining that there wasn’t anyone to fight and that “gang life is dead”. So because the devs has other priorities at the time the captains decided to give rebels what they wanted, more fights. I mean the apd can’t be that hard to beat right? I mean I personally can’t hit the broadside of a barn from two meters away. I guess what I’m not understanding is why be upset that the apd is giving you all more fights like you wanted. Now @tryhardsqueaker you made some great points, and I think some should become policy but not all of them. Or a simple fix is that cartels should be lethal only. But that’s just me probably.
  5. It goes 1, 3, 2. Instead of 1, 2, and 3.
  6. It’s already been stated by the devs, if the medics get whitelisted then everyone will lose the ability to defib people while only medics can defib. If the community is okay with that then maybe the talks can start about whitelisting medics.
  7. That was being talked about like 6 months ago. Other things needed to come first. Just be patient and it will come out when it does.
  8. The only thing we really reward people for is turning in ban evaders.
  9. if they brought you to a red zone and killed you then it wouldn't be RDM. also, they can kill you with the excuse of "you've seen too much" even if you have put your hands up and followed all their demands.
  10. if someone is in a gang but in a group with others they're not allowed to come to the aid of the people in the gang as they arent in that gang group. they would need to leave that player made group.
  11. yes, you are initiated with their whole group. the red name system is to help identify who has been hostile towards you in the last 5 minutes. their name doesnt turn red if you shoot because they didnt shoot at you. if they had then sure their name would be red. also remember red = dead. could you give me an example? because most of our bans come from player reports to which the accused(the banned guy) can make an appeal if he/she has sufficient evidence and the ban will be looked over with the new evidence and then if they are found to not be in the wrong the ban will be lifted.
  12. I’m with sliick, nice try though lol
  13. WoW

    if you have any questions i bet @Trilligy could help. he has been playing the game from day 1.
  14. I was just assuming it would be all arma as well we are an arma community. usually, when people make montages of other games they make a note or something. that's all I was asking.