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  1. Akeelagi


    he did legit nothing here...he placed some building when asylum first started.
  2. Akeelagi

    DayZ Two

    ive just started walking downstairs sideways or backward. its slow but you never fall off
  3. Akeelagi

    Anyone got any good single player game suggestions?

    just got finished with a run with bobs mods. it get beyond overwhelming at the end. another one is angels mods.
  4. Akeelagi

    Anyone got any good single player game suggestions?

    Have your played it with bobs mods or no?
  5. Akeelagi

    Escape From Tarkov

    Reset your account. You’ll get all your stuff back. Unless you gained something that you want to keep. Then give that to a friend and reset your account. Also you are near the end of a wipe so everyone is gunna have high end gear. So your best luck is to do some hatchet runs and learn the map, damage physics and other game mechanics while you wait for the wipe
  6. Akeelagi


    https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Stereo-Gaming-Headset-Cable/dp/B00BFOEY4I/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1537167361&sr=1-1&keywords=logitech+g320 not bad if you're trying to do this on a budget but otherwise id go with one of the other ones linked.
  7. Akeelagi

    Good Ol' Kavala

    You know leady is retired right?
  8. Akeelagi

    You were kicked off the server

    if you have tried what @Azeh said, see if you have a squad xml and get rid of it. it sometimes stops you from joining. #azehforsupport?
  9. Akeelagi

    s2 Kavala house (Nudes) (18+)

    70k. final offer
  10. Akeelagi

    Greatest Cop Bank Clutch

    because fuck you
  11. Akeelagi

    Night Time

    tried that once. everyone got mad. so it got added back.
  12. Akeelagi

    Fix the f*cking server

    i do agree to a point with what you are saying. but just because someone plays less rebel then you does not mean they cant share their idea. should their idea be valued any less or more then someone who plays consistently and knows the in's and out's of rebel life? more than likely, yes. but my main point is just because someone doesnt have as much experience as someone else that their ideas shouldn't be put up for discussion. now i do agree that the whole prison thing needs to be fixed. everyone wants fights but to have it devolve into a pretty much a tower defence game seems a bit underwhelming to me. i think they should add something to spice it up but not take a person away from the fight because no one likes being that guy who has to sit there and lockpick the gate.
  13. Akeelagi

    Fix the f*cking server

    i will never understand the argument of " oh you arent a career rebel so you cant have an opinion on that". i bet you have an opinion on stuff you have no reason having according to that logic.but i do understand that people who play rebel more have a far better understanding on how things work and how they unfold. now I'm not here to fight or anything with you and i also do not claim to have any power or to be able to call any shots. so i don't know where that is coming from. all im speaking my mind just like everyone else in this community.