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  1. #BringBackStrafe
  2. wait really I thought it was for pushing oil rig cartel
  3. the music is definitely better than any other montage you've made
  4. After hours of deliberation with the Council of High Intelligence and Education Findings (C.H.I.E.F), it has been determined that the contents of this post will be categorized under the terminology "not it" until further notice.
  5. hope u get better soon boby love u
  6. almost as good as @CrispySliick
  7. ok thanks for the heads up
  8. why dont you call it The Chronicles of Coochie
  9. best thing i have ever read
  10. you can roleplay ride it on the identity forums
  11. @Science *44 manslaughters* "Would you like parole?" "Yes" *Blows up hq*
  12. Sliick u took an L on this thread lmao
  13. Thanks man
  14. yes
  15. its more than 100 but its what i have and i love it
  16. cya next week o7
  17. LOL the camera is DEAD
  18. S3

    go outside
  19. first
  20. thats what happens when u dress up like a cadet on civ
  21. looks like @CrispySliick flying