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  1. Lol yeah, the most expensive part of the loadout, plus lockpicks, zip ties, pretty much everything in your backpack, binoculars, and if ur a bh U lose ur license
  2. exactly. i get shot out by 3 bullets, and no the glass wasnt broken
  3. +1 tired of getting shot out of orcas by an mx
  4. did u put in a comp
  5. nice fps
  6. first problem is ur playing pubg in 3rd person
  7. i would donate it to the make a wish foundation to help retards like @CrispySliick
  8. i will consider hiring u guys if u link the song
  9. -1 my favorite weapon
  10. @Mitch (IFRIT)
  11. @Gnashes
  12. #FreeAleec
  13. he's enjoying that retired life
  14. it snowed for the first time in like 50 years where i live
  15. Drop a net
  16. s2

    Houses can’t go in the exchange
  17. You get it for doing activities. Fishing will make you a few, turning in a bounty gets you one, processing different stuff, etc. just try every way there is to make money and you should get them fast
  18. Why wouldn’t we believe you lol. but sure pics would be great
  19. While watching hentai on his 4K 55 inch tv
  20. I will only attend if @xlOutsiderlx will be there
  21. You forgot his wife even though he lives on his own