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  1. are you saying you shit standing up?
  2. Where's the option for the people that don't wipe?
  3. @Silver-Spy helps people everyday in the asylum discord +1
  4. You can make medical marijuana at the dispensary with no cut from the cartel, and it's legal. Not worth as much but its safer and you get all of it back.
  5. If any of the retard cops out there want to learn how to rp just watch @MoldyLunchbox process someone/ get processed
  6. Doesn't mean we should completely shut down every idea someone comes up with. We can always use these ideas after the server is fixed.
  7. Don’t ever make any suggestions because the only response your gonna get is “ nO tHe sEvr iS tOo lLagy wE neD to WorK on SeVer pErformAnce”
  8. before they introduced land oil it was worth like 600 per unit now its only 200
  9. is that a new feature on the couch?
  10. can you bring your 1k couch too
  11. outplayed
  12. in b4 lock
  13. it doesnt help to sit and do nothing about it either
  14. its a good way to pass time while the server kills itself
  15. movie maker
  16. cya man make sure u come talk to us sometimes
  17. shhh keep your voice down
  19. +1
  20. esketit
  21. top gun
  22. what to do if "downing heli pilot" causes a helicopter crash: pardon all deaths in the crash
  23. looks like a very populated rp server
  24. @Deazy Johnson