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  1. He's not dead we found out the person who said that orginally was lying
  2. maybe none of this shit is causing it maybe its because the servers are literally potatoes
  3. yeAh wElL hiLlary diD 9/11
  4. apparently anyone that criticizes trump is a triggered liberal
  5. are these houses actually worth decent money? i have a few in telos
  6. was busy shooting people in kavala on s4 when it had to restart due to lag
  7. its a grill
  9. nah just give them MX SW's
  10. dope ass sweatshirt
  11. 131k
  12. when do we find out who the new dev is?
  13. Then this happened. I don't think this is true because I have no idea who winston is so it could be a troll.
  14. i think Azeh would be a good CM
  15. holy shit its me 0:22
  16. Everyone gets pilot covs thank me later
  17. this is great now i get to leech off other people's donations
  18. its my picasso
  19. yes
  20. +1 this took 3 hours to make
  21. Roland Steele wanted me to let the community of Server 4 know what had happened to him for anyone that is concerned where he is. Below is exactly what he posted in the Steele's Contracting discord. He gave me permission to post what he said. I'll start. @here I would firstly like to apologize for the lack of attentiveness expected from myself, I understand that due to my negligence, the group's reputation may or may not have fallen significantly. I would like to thank what attentive senior representatives I have appointed for attempting to housekeep in my absence. @here Secondly, the reason for my absence. Yes, I initially took a week for myself near thanksgiving to prep for finals week for the semester. Afterwards, I planned on driving 10 hours to my closest family, likely the last time I would get to see them before I set course on my career. Unfortunately, I never made it to their house, and at around 6 hours of driving, a driver of a semi, likely tired and not drunk, swerved from incoming traffic, and into my lane. I had a head on collision with the driver, and I ended up waking up a week later in the hospital. @here I had broken most of the ribs on my right side, a punctured lung, minor spinal damage in my neck, one broken femur, a shattered collarbone on the left side, and several lacerations, as well as 23 foreign objects surgically removed from my chest and midsection. @here I hadn't the mind to do much except think inwardly about how this might change things, let alone, let you guys know what was happening. I grew quite close to many of you, and despite the distance I've put between us with this latest absence, I am glad to have met each one of you, and I only hope I provided a good time for you all in the Asylum community. @here As to what I plan to do with the Contracting Cooperative, I'm still very unsure. As of now, I'm still undergoing extensive surgery to repair a few torn tendons, plus a few bolts here and there to keep my leg together. I guess I had to put Asylum Life on the side burner, so to speak. @here Don't think that I am upset with any of you, if we lost any reputation in my absence. In this instant, we really just underwent one of the worst-case scenarios. I'm just glad I didn't die, to be honest. Evidently blood loss nearly killed me, and since I was driving on empty in terms of fluids in the first place, that really didn't do me any favors. @here I undergo another surgery tomorrow, and I have probably five more to go. Eventually I'll be doing some intensive physical therapy to compensate for muscle loss due to being in a hospital bed for basically two months, and still am, actually. @here I just wanted to give you guys the sitrep, and not much could have happened to avoid it. Thanks again to those who housekept the Cooperative while I was decommissioned. We'll see what the future holds for me in terms of my role as the active leader. @here Keep in mind, senior contractors should operate as a team. And if a team is not able to be conferred with, then each senior does have the same rights as the owner. If you need to make some tough calls, remember, there is nobody above you to tell you no. @here If you guys want to take this info public, then go ahead. It might clear up quite a bit of confusion in the old community. I just figured I would address my closest associates first, and then let them decide. I know most of the asylum community won't care and is usually toxic towards this sort of thing. But for those who do care this is why Roland has been gone. My prayers go out to him and his family and hopefully he gets better soon <3
  22. Welcome!
  23. rip dredge
  24. Last time I heard from Roland he said he had finals coming up but then he hasn't gotten on since.