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  1. Defibs and some other gear stuff would still be a huge issue. Aswell with rules like nlr etc
  2. fingers on repeat
  3. yeah because people know who you are brain dead retard
  4. was the fucking audio recorded on a fucking phone?
  5. still in water the whole montage dog shit player
  6. Does anyone else think this to short notice? I feel like you should move it to a weekend in November. Plus it is halloween weekend and everyone in college inst gonna wanna play.
  7. can you do a weekend in November instead? thank you
  8. mate you look like a thumb kid and you are a broke ass kid so stop talking temper reject
  9. im not sure who you are but thanks
  10. calling this kid a god yikes
  11. yikes
  12. two irrelevant people dont care
  13. Enjoy olympus you fucking degen of a player
  14. delete this
  15. fixed that for you