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  1. love you alec! best of luck with everything man!
  2. you still shoot like you have no fingers tho
  3. didnt you already make one of these a couple weeks ago? just leave and dont make a big deal out of leaving
  4. You should remove the fire because that will def make anyones game lag.
  5. welcome to na @Bikstok
  6. that flew over your hear what??
  7. content isnt content if you have to fighting on a fucking oig rig
  8. played prior to group cap not money cap i mean bank needs to move back to the last location. its just a rdm aids fest and there is no point to have it in pygros. For the cartel situation there is no reason to even fight for it. You dont make money from it at all.
  9. non stable servers group cap no reason to fight cartels money cap prestige bank of altis is cancer many many more
  10. group cap killed gang life > no active gangs no full servers
  11. added when gangs actually fought cartels and there were actually players playing the server
  12. Why do we have to pay to unlock a feature that shouldn't of been implemented in the first place? You are putting it behind a pay wall and that alone is fucking bullshit.
  13. this is more of a money grab than when tiger stole all the elysium gang bank