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  1. ds shitters
  2. Please add black and khaki messenger bags to rebel outposts. Something simple to add to rebel clothing options
  3. it was more a meme but kys you fucking retard
  4. The way they have it is, what ever your hud color is that is what hex color you have like the old days.
  5. broke his back playing arma 3 what else is there to say
  6. Not true. Grand Theft Arma have it and they aren't modded.
  7. They removed the 150K lethal payout because Gnashes was getting shit on by jimbo and the boys. 25K is hardly any money split between lets say 10 cops. If anything buff the lethal payout to more. Rebels have defibs for a reason get over it.
  8. fuck no are you retarded
  9. At least they don’t lag switch
  10. a server that works
  11. another money grab
  12. because you are irrelevant