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  1. How the fuck does someone like you get admin? You are +1ing on what might be the most retarded post I have ever seen in my life.
  2. Wasn't aware this was the olympus forums.
  3. USA... oh wait fuck
  4. @ me next time dumb cuck. Your life is pathetic you sit on arma 3 all day neglecting your kids. You work for a garbage company making 10 a hour. Don't type my name on your greasy keyboard again.
  5. professional star player some kills from when we came back for a week so nothing crazy
  6. ds shitters
  7. Please add black and khaki messenger bags to rebel outposts. Something simple to add to rebel clothing options
  8. it was more a meme but kys you fucking retard
  9. The way they have it is, what ever your hud color is that is what hex color you have like the old days.