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  1. any1 up for some bossing? xd
  2. lucky bastard, me still using big bones to lvl up my prayer as I cba spending mills to 99
  3. Was global, LVL 9 Faceit and B+ on ESEA but I deranked on purpose @ Faceit cuz I wanted to play with retards in a benelux league xd
  4. when I used to carry William xddddd
  5. yeh but I like this particular song of him my dudes
  6. I understand why the admins and maybe some people are against it but I don't understand why others are. Yes, it was a money-making server but this was brought straight into fighting on Altis servers which removed the whining about not having money for loadouts. I did like the server not only for the money but I just don't understand why people besides admins etc. would be that upset.
  7. Tbh that one clip with his awp wasn't actually that bad.
  8. When you need the satisfaction hehe
  9. @Goyneyyy I might pm you for some other sort of graphic if ur up for it
  10. HMU http://steamcommunity.com/id/Penthius/ Supreme
  11. Love Luke Christopher hehe