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The Second Coming.

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My homie @Kasim Tariq is finally back. Some of you bots don't realize how lucky you were to get destroyed by THE Kasim Tariq. This is the man who not only shot up Kavala on a daily basis, but also thwarted the APD's sub 90 IQ attempts to stop him.(Excluding @Kernikov who has a solid 95 IQ) Here's some background information on Kasim "If it's brown shoot it down" Tariq.

1. Kasim's personal max security cell made by 

Image result for lucifer gifs supernatural the cage

2. An average encounter between Kasim and the APD @The Monopoly Man

Image result for lucifer kills supernatural snap gif

3. Kasim vs the undesirables of altis (APD, Gangbangers, defenseless civilians,women, children, disabled, elderly, basically anyone that isn't him, (sometimes himself), etc.) @Google™ @Marzoh @Clint Beastwood @halfdrunkhero @skimancole @iBacon @Obu Obu Obu @Revenant


4. Kasim vs despicable girl gamers @BeefPatty @Cliff.

Image result for lucifer kills supernatural snap gif

You see, because Kasim terrorizes all of Altis equally, he can't be racist. There is no way a man who routinely kills everyone, including his own gangmates, can possibly be the horrible monster that the APD and staff of Asylum make him out to be. The unfair bots who run the asylum forums have muted my boy Kasim, and I, his top man, have taken it upon myself to spread awareness for this injustice. (Kasim after being banned from forums shown below)

 Image result for castiel tied up

If good guys like Kasim are getting banned off the forums after simply talking shit to trashcan players on Altis, then how will the landfill known as Asylum Forums ever hope to improve?

Here is Kasim after being asked by BaDa "ChadSlayer" Bing whether or not he said the dreaded N̢͍-͎̮̖̟͔WO̠͙͡R͟D̻̣̘͍. @BaDaBiNg_10-8

Image result for castiel explodes gif

Kasim is a man of the people, doing great things like calling out (BOT) Nv members for their catlike reflexes, godlike aim, dual i9 processors, and their uncanny ability to take up a fourth of the server. Kasim has also made some vast strides in humanitarian work, like calling out the APD for needing reforms, citing that they are way too easy for him to kill with his various civilian weapons such as: his prowler, literally a rock on the side of the road that the APD manage to hit every time, and his attack dog Nick Crompton (RIP). (Pictured Below)

Image result for bill williamson RAMPAGE9ca8999d522faca5eb75dd7cfcc199ab.png


Kasim has also made further efforts to make his roleplay as realistic as possible, with many threads made to further the needs of our brave VDMer's and Combat Loggers.

All in all, I can say with confidence that now that Kasim " A bullet in the knee of every refugee" Tariq is back, Altis can finally return to the prosperity it once had before all the cool guys got banned by salty APD and not cool guy admins. (Excluding @Clint Beastwood (Kiss Me) ). 

Kasim "Slaughter the migrant caravan to the very last man" Tariq is finally back, the average IQ and attractiveness of Altis will raise without having to be carried by the likes of @Kernikov and @Clint Beastwood respectively.


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