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  2. People that feel the need to repeat the same shit over and over, like kys, or neck yourself have some serious personal issues they need to work through. if it’s an issue for people tho, they can just turn sidechat off or ignore those toxic users on the forums...
  3. all of them for 500k
  4. Server: 1 SELLING 4 SHEDS & SKIP SHACK Location (Town/DP#): 2 Kavala Sheds Asking Price: 1m/e OBO Location (Town/DP#): 1 Crate Inside Of Kavala Skip (Yes you can spawn in it, if you need proof dm me) Asking Price: 500k flexible Description: Yes this is KNY's old shack Location (Town/DP#): Pygros Skip & Rodo Asking Price: 1m for Rodo, 800k for Skip
  5. There is 4 slots for Medic. Means 4 Corporals + Can revive someone faster. (Not counting Asylum moderating staff) Only people who can revive again instantly is SGT + Who have to do a lot to get that prestige to finally get that ability after you have maxed out your entire medic. So maybe.... Kill the medics so they can't revive? Cause once they get revived they have that cool down timer like everyone else does.
  6. Location: RCN Thread u have lied to us all BAN HIM AT ONCE
  7. i think gnashes found his way into @SharingWriter's PC
  8. honestly pretty decent lemme use one
  9. Tru bangers right here
  10. i think a helicopter delivery mission would be pretty fun +1
  11. Accepted You can't receive Pm so ask batcan or walt for ts i guess
  12. Check out my stuff, i make beats in my spare time for fun, with the help of roice and some other mates
  13. Name - Tyson Fury Age - 17 Hours - 3k Vouches - Walt mason and more
  14. Shooting people isn't apart of the gang wars, leave him alone.
  15. I mean, there’s 2 weeks left in the month, so it’s not far off...
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