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  2. Thanks to @Samperino for the great testing!!!!
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  4. When the app works its great but for some reason it doesn't recognize that I have minecraft installed. Tried reinstalling app and MC and a bunch of other fixes and I can't get it to work.
  5. Yes, go to Configure > Controls > Custom control > Bind Use Action 10, this will bind 'earplugs'. Earplugs while in default mode, volume the in-game sounds, except in-game VOIP down to 20%, you can modify it by opening your phone>Settings and modifying the volume.
  6. I dearly apologize you are below the required age minimum. Come back next year and maybe we can work things out.
  7. the twitch app is super easy, pick the mod pack u want, hit download, then hit play once it downloads lol
  8. the twitch app sucks and I can't download the modpack or I'd be taking down a mountain as we speak.
  9. What's your in-game name? - LandwolfHow many hours do you have on Arma? - 780 What's your age? - 18 How much money do you have? $1.8m What will you bring to Farmersville? - The best personality in the whole server.Do you know anyone in Farmersville? - yeah
  10. ur garbage shitter washed up has been
  11. I would actually like to talk about 1: 00...
  12. Honestly if the system is similar to what they have on olympus wars would be all throughout the server rather than just with cartels.
  13. csat fatigues with a carrier lite on top rather than the usual fatigues and tac vest. It's being able to use a level 3 vest on top of level 1 full body armor rather than a lvl 1
  14. HahahhahAhahha get fucked
  15. Can someone explain what armor stacking is?
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