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  1. very toxic location from a cop who is VERY toxic on civ there isnt a airshop at pyrgos for a reason u wont get MY approval on this
  2. this is proof that admins KEEP abusing their powers SPAWNED a ifirit and tried to VDM so blatently
  3. he denied my corporol application for p2 when i play on cop but told me my mom has big aids on my feedback i havnt applied every since becuz PTSD but i wont hold that against him 10/10 he making good admin make to sure to accept to my comp request @NinoBrown
  4. In game name: discord name: Mac Age:  22 Arma 3 hours (screenshot): 2000+ Why should we accept you into the gang ?: Yes The server you are most active on?: 1 Previous Gangs, you were in?: All
  5. "Value your life" doesn't mean give me everything you have including your bank account in addition to a box truck filled with gold bars or I will kill you therefore you must do what I say or you will get reported and potentially blacklisted.
  6. IMO if you wanted to make it look better All black with white colored doors "Can't just print POLICE in white text on any car, the cops will lose respect this car will provoke more people to shoot at it more" Remove any color that isn't black or white "Color schemes are very important for people to identify authority vs pimp my hatchback, please remove the red and black bumper sticker" Remove the 44 numbering at the top "It would be weird for all professional football players to have the same number on their jersey, if anything make it smaller" The red insignia with AP could be replaced with 911 "Make this the only exception to the only black and white rule if you want" I don't think you will replace the current hatchback skin. Instead of Asylum City Life make it Kavala Police Department and put it in a meme folder.
  7. You could've made a really good point if you argued to convince whoever reads your post instead of having a condescending attitude. Perhaps you should take your own advice and stop complaining about others complaining and do something productive.
  8. I would have never expected that ending
  9. Cop/Civ $800 payout removed on revive. Blood bags and splints have a heavy increase in cost and weight. Defibrillators have an increased weight and now only have a single use. Any unconscious player outside 3km of the nearest medic can be "resuscitated" without a defibrillator. (Recovery time doubled, removal of weapon ) Medics (whitelisted) Vehicles & Equipment Carrier Light Vest P07 Downing EMS Hatchback EMS Hellcat EMS Hunter Pay Distribution (Split amongst online medics) $5,000 on revive $3,700 on heal (37$ per 1 health) $2,000 per splint
  10. Callsign : Mach 3Age (16+ Preferred) : 20ArmA III Hours (Provide Screenshot) : 673Estimated Flight Time : >1What do you have to bring to the Asylum Aviators? : Desire and initiative to practice and to perform. Willing to take the time to thoroughly master any flight maneuver.What specific flight skills do you have? : Air Formation
  11. Dood you must be the one who told suicide squad to kidnap me and throw me off the roof. I was just a medic
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