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  1. damn that poiil guy sucks
  2. step away from the computer for a while maybe get a glass of water or something
  3. yes but i dont think you make enough there unless there is some sort of discount for employees
  4. once something like being able to tank a head shot no matter the distance its no longer just a "small cosmetic addition" its a game changing addition. i would also be pretty annoyed if i hit somebody in the head from a km away and they didnt die.
  5. I also believe if they were to work in cooperation with swatcan they would have no problem with this.
  6. I guess he didn't think about how the vectors of a tesseract could become decentralized and flood the market with an immeasurable quantity of equity. Absolute buffoon.
  7. Bustah


    now how do you plan on receiving this money if youre banned. idiot
  8. hint: they work at walmart
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