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  1. ik but it will probably make someting else like hatchback slams or boxtruck pushes and it did against plague if u remember 1 ifrit with smokes then rest slam hatchbacks and for me 10 ifrits is more fun than that
  2. quilin meta was def way worse but its also more fun when there are 1-2 ifrits in a fight rather than 10 i really dont think there is a way to fix it
  3. You can! China #1
  4. Stopped playing dom to give all the crying bitches a chance
  5. Maybe for the people who make money and dont spend it
  6. We been talking about this for awhile and i think it would be fun af gangs putting together money for cars and a gun to do runs getting the first houses and cartels doing first bank or fucking over another gang trying to start ur all just pussies
  7. people will shed and chop more but making them like this is gonna bring back hatch slams aswell
  9. Feel like this willl bring back hatchback pushes and thats even more cancer 1 ifrit smoke and 7 hatchbacks slamming
  10. i would say buffing the starting pot and removing some caps are more important and would do more than adding maps Maybe start dom with 5m pot remove lighthouse and that cap next to it and put them somewhere else
  11. Kraken best cheaters
  12. Some of these quest rewards are way too much
  13. Funny how anyone could say i said something and instantly its the truth to some people Arent u the guy who said unironically ur the best arma player of all time
  14. had to return the favor
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