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  1. can confirm, thought he was 26 y/o man
  2. Didn’t play with you for long at all but the couple of fights we got in together were a fucking blast. In the odd case that you remember my name which you prob do, I just want you to know that you are one of the funniest fucking retards I’ve ever played with on this game. I will never forget the clip of me needing help on church alone so you came in your hatch and slammed into Linka’s ifrit and blew up 3 of those mL monkeys and you were screaming your head off. Best of luck with everything man o7.
  3. Name: indian Arma Hours: 1900 2 acc Reason for wanting to join: Cartels are dead on Olympus and I want to fight Previous gangs: oly gangs: plague, bw, anxiety, infinity Vouches: noone
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