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  1. Congrats son! Hope you better bring in some money for the household now @Ron Johnson
  2. Thank you, son. <3 Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes, then you can do a little more duping before bedtime.
  3. My guys back at it! When is your next tutorial?
  4. Depression and mental health is an absolute shit show and I've been probably the worst I've been in the last three years, I used gaming and photography as an escape but it can only do so much, Its got to the point where I damaged myself so much in my twisted repentance for being unhappy I only have one working arm to type this post. I have to thank @Ron Johnson and so many others for helping me get through all this though, the road to recovery is long but it does get better and I'm hopeful thanks to people reaching out.
  5. Thats such a long jail sentence dude oh my goodness
  6. Voni

    I Quit.

    You're ok too.
  7. Voni

    I Quit.

    Went outside, got a life. @Ron Johnson Florida. @Spag I'll miss watching you shoot black people for being black. @NotSoNutty You'll always be Bustanutty. @AyoItsThalia You're ok. @Luke SwagWalker You better still be making montages. @Akeelagi ATSM Inspectors for life. If I missed anyone feel free to show your displeasure towards me. Later P4, good times but your a shit show now. Bye DS, i'll be in the TS from time to time but i'll be to busy fisting myself. If I ever come back, it'll be with 50 cals and and a 7 day coming my way.
  8. Bye bye my juicy hunk of man meat.
  9. "10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes" @Ron Johnson @Sandwich
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