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  1. LOL im sure it takes DAYS to add jets to the shop...
  2. I’m not sure why you keep bringing this up, people can easily VDM with a buzzard in the current state of the server...
  3. Ummm people can easily buy buzzards and ram them into Kavala square lmao Speaking of people with shit ideas...
  4. I want to hear the sonic booms across Altis Add the ability to buy Jet DLC jets when you achieve Tycoon or Eminent! PLEASE!
  5. ADD DLC JETS!!! WHAT?? The buzzard is 100% capable of vdming people @ 800 km/h. If you are worried about that aspect, then we should just get rid of all the air vehicles on asylum right?? Ready for some supersonic formation flying over kavala?
  6. Personally I love flying around the map, but the only jet currently available is the Buzzard(Which is not very good). Add the new jets to the airshop for around 60-80k. (Also drop the Buzzard price down to 40k-ish)
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