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  1. just buy a key for $3 on g2a or some shit
  2. "Parallel to you and intentionally swerved into you" bro ....
  3. https://gyazo.com/ad7e284b7e7ed0f66d3c67c5c1c98bfc intentional dpi no ban https://i.gyazo.com/96b91c41a08862fdb6c3c87cbe70aa90.mp4 intentional dpi no ban 2 https://gyazo.com/74810779059d2b91c473875a0ae07ac6 not intentional vdm but 3 day ban people just tryna have fun on asylum 3.0 but the consistency of these bans seem very weird
  4. this thread single handedly reviving asylum forums mr smoke man of the people
  5. this guy smart as hell wtf lets be honest here, where diseased is going in the gif wouldnt hit the quilin if he didnt start to move - true diseased held x when the quilin started to move - true diseased held w and d the whole time , before quilin started to move ie not trying to ram it - true there wasnt enough time for diseased to get out of the qulilin way - true player in quilin would have died anyway - probably true but im dogshit so who knows washed boomer rule says intentional, i dont think that is intentional
  6. yes bro he is admin confirmed legit !
  7. https://i.gyazo.com/96b91c41a08862fdb6c3c87cbe70aa90.mp4 actual video of player intentionally spinning mouse 3.5 times doing 360s to exploit
  8. this thread straight from 2015 i love it
  9. but that rule says intentional and those gifs dont show intentional , maybe there is a hidden rule from the people ?
  10. mr smoke rallying the people holy moly storm the bastille
  12. yo wtf i dont even remember making this ya coke castle became dogshit after people figured it out but the people fighting wongs arent tryhard gangs their roadmen gunning for wongs most of the time and coke castle is a banger when you drop 10 randoms into it, coke castle would at least be attackable compared to this current wongs cap that is actually a tragedy and should get deleted no point even going there
  13. bro thats the biggest fuck you to olympus ive ever seen wtf i love u mitch ifrit big love but how can u justify having ifrit in ur name when they are little more than wet paper rn when can we see a buff incoming big bud
  14. that means you have to run activate windows for new hardware and it will reactivate, any big hardware changes will deactivate w10
  15. my boy u still play lmao also checkout my new mouse, made my movement insane doing 360s
  16. can we move wongs away from this cartel location it is probably the most unfun cartel right now, pretty much impossible to attack since its 3 deerstands 1 big tower, only chance is sniping from the north hills as everything is an open field so can we move this bad boy to coke castle instead, gives reason for kavala rebel gear and puts it at a better cartel location (coke castle is still pretty low on cartel tier list but s tier compared to that compund)
  17. can we get freds tower back as a cartel there are no 20v20's anymore so when the cap is tower no one has a reason to play up at fred's tower (rusty) except for maybe 1 guy and it makes all of the west dead content opens up way more spots to play for the cartel (for attackers defenders play similarly, and then if attackers get cap control forces movement from defenders) and only have house v tower in ifrit meta isn't content
  18. @Tosic are u the dude who i just watched do a crystal gvg on albion
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