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  1. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY ART OF WAR DLC: Not to be used unless one of the following apply: You are playing cop in an Undercover slot. You have all cop roles. MOBILE MOONSHINE LAB: Possession of Illegal Liquor shall be issued for possession of moonshine mash/moonshine/white lightning. Seeing a Mobile Moonshine Lab producing smoke gives probable cause. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact a Captain. - The Captains
  2. RoguePilot


  3. Have to find a balance on this. There is so much to be gained by completing this event. That is why there is the second check currently. Think more cops to start and just have the one check? @danile666
  4. I believe this is being done. A lot of it is already removed.
  5. Literally will double the payout if this is placed at the start and you die pulling up to the church in Kavala.
  6. yes and not going to say. worth your time though.
  7. Attention all drivers. A cannonball run is being held. The record needs to be set. A great reward will be given to the winner with the fastest time by 31MAR21. Rules: -Entire run must be recorded and uploaded to this post to include your PID and your time -Honk your horn at every gas station you pass -MSR to include the following turns must be the only route used starting from Agia Pelagia -Only ground vehicles are allowed -Starting and ending position must be in front of church with left side of car facing away from the entrance (as shown) -Start time begins
  8. PROMOTED to the rank of Constable! @Stifyy @The Forgotten Legend Done.
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