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  1. @Shepurdthe boomer zoomer killer
  2. I love the random fire in the background. Lol.
  3. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY APD FEDERAL EVENT DOOR/DOME ACCESS: Corporal+ may unlock and open doors/domes using officer discretion once events are elevated in order to assist in closing/clearing out the event. This is NOT to be used during any other situation. Don't forget to close the door(s) on your way out. This is NOT intended to gain advantage during active firefights/engagements to surprise attackers. This is solely for situations where someone gets locked in a vault/dome by accident or other means where the APD cannot gain access once the event ends or the doors lock. An
  4. ROSTER: Leaders: Oskarr | Jayshawn | Rogue Members: Antho, Connor, John Lemmon, Mur, Nathan, Nomadox, Peterr, Pieter, Rake, Shepurd, Aslan, Biggs, Ethan Darrell, Hawky, Ollie, Slade Wilson, Thor, Vhasj, William, Winchester
  5. REQUIREMENTS: Financially stable. Relaxed. APPLICATION FORMAT: In game name: Player ID: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot required): EU/NA: Vouching members:
  6. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY APB TRACKING: APD officers may go ANYWHERE on the map to update the APB with the following stipulations: 1 life rule per Rebel Outpost per APB 1 life rule per Cartel (regardless of status) per APB with the additional requirements: SGT+ must be in attendance SGT+ shall mark the map prior to entering with their name and the APB name 1 simultaneous attempt of all APD Officers tracking the APB ALTIS SHIPPING EVENT: This event is a Federal Event and all APD Officers must
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