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  1. e116665aea458f7c7208ed5387b1977f.mp4
  2. Was that gator with light in his eyes?
  3. 4dcc62380a460356dc33b1839d0d3d52.mp4 @Jayshawn
  4. so clean it even cleaned up your profile pic...
  5. Definitely would need some balance. I think if you make the maximum upgradeable garage storage the baseline 40k storage it would be a decent balance.
  6. Garages that can be purchased by players made to hold both physical and virtual inventory. When a garage is initially purchased it wont (and currently doesn't) hold anything. I suggest that you can purchase 300 physical inventory and 100 virtual inventory for the garage. This makes garages a bit more useful and helps with only one server of houses.
  7. For those of you that cannot figure out how to get a spam script working... This has one you can just click:
  8. @Mitch (IFRIT) I didnt know they had 4G in the boonies
  9. I wish I could shoot people out of ifrits. I feel like I could save time and just drop a mag on the ground every time I see an ifrit drive by me.
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