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  1. @Waltwhen are you going to start putting shit out in 2k or 4k? what is this 1080p shit?
  2. Added clarification on initiation: When initiating in person and you have a gun raised and pointed at the player you intend to initiate on, the gun takes place of the threat. Therefore, saying a threat in a statement for initiation need not be done. Example: Hands up or die/be downed. (Hands up = action) (die/be downed = threat)
  3. meanwhile...13 people waiting in support...
  4. bad vest https://gyazo.com/806baaa261b8a45ba75b3720201bf629 bambi #1
  5. @Oskarrwhy you deny his app? voodo = legend
  6. Added clarification on initiation: Initiation, red names, and group/gang initiation is only allowed up to 2.5km. Any interactions of groups/gangs outside of this distance will require initiation even if you are in the same group/gang as the person initiating/being initiated on.
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