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  1. He doesn't know what he's talking about he's never seen a cartel before.
  2. I have a 9900k but the new ryzens are better im pretty sure stat wise
  3. go with a ryzen processor they're cheaper and better than intel I have an intel i9 and I am sad I bought it instead of a ryzen
  4. Or push in general none of them have any idea what to do.
  5. It's not like career cops will spend their money on anything outside of cop anyway and cop loadouts are about 1/2 to 1/4 the price of normal loadouts, and it's your choice to give a reduced ticket. unless they turn them selves in you have to 50% it.
  6. don't buy loadouts = only profit ez pz
  7. U guys make plenty on charges 20% of an 8k gun is 1600$, So not that bad ig but you make money charging them with possession of illegal firearm anyway which is 2500$ I believe if not it's more so not even worth implementing when you make money off the charge you add for it. They probably would because u guys make a shit ton in general. the only time cops don't make alot is when you spend 7k on loadouts or more like a cop pilot cov loadout or some shit and get shit on 40 times.
  8. you turned @Space gay @Veezara
  9. Good Work Gamer Gotta write a story on Ppg tho
  10. I feel like you have just gotten more retarded over the years.
  11. Welcome to Asylum! Ps Olympus is Superior
  12. Toxicc


    Gonna make og ppg comeback at this rate.
  13. Reason this server is dead to olympus I go
  14. Tanoa I'd come back to asylum and play it daily if Tanoa came back.
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