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  1. There definitely should be some restrictions to it, but if your at a cartel and your in an ifrit and some dudes in the open they kind of deserve to get ran over
  2. It’s not now please tell me how it’s not-rp like to run someone over because they shot at you? If you can shoot someone for that why can’t you run them over
  3. Only if their in the way though to escape. I'm saying if some dude initiates on me while i'm drivin away I should be able to make a u turn and run the scumbag over then shoot him.
  4. You can't run em over to kill them though.
  5. Make the VDM rule the same as RDM. If your initiated you can ram some bitch. Let me tell you why, its such bullshit how when i'm in kavala and some asshole initiates on me while i'm in my car. I do not have a gun all I have is the car. What the fuck do you guys want me to do honk at him? hell no you guys are starting to sound like some libtards. My solution is to just run the dirtbag over. Not only will it teach this little punk a lesson it will also make you feel like a total badass. Another example is when i'm runnin some booze. Some cop pulls up and starts chasing me im in a bigass van. What do you want me to do let him chase me. Hell no! I should be able to ram the sob. Now lets talk about the type of people who don't agree with me. Who do you think they are? Well let me tell you who they are, two words. Beta Males. Now so you guys understand this better let me tell you how this works. You have some dude who agrees with me and you have another dude who doesn't they both are in kavala square. The dude who agrees with me gets initiated on so he hops in his pickup truck and runs the dude over. Then the other dude get initiated on but he just tries to run like a little pus pus. Over in the distance there are three hot chicks. Who do you think there gonna be attracted to? Definitely the dude who stood up for himself. Thats why I think we should make asylum great again and remove the VDM rule. Tell me why you can't use your car for self defence? Cause a bunch of snowflakes think its to op just because the little snowflakes can't shoot through the window.
  6. Pretty cool but rebel legend sounds gay as hell.
  7. You lucky fucks I was so close to downing the dude with the suicide vest.
  8. In-game name: Grandma Nancy Age: 19 Arma 3 hours (No minimum but more is good): 2950 Previous/Current Gangs: N/A How active are you?: Pretty active Why do you want to join Ultor?: I would like to fight people and make money. How many hours do you have on Asylum? You can just put the amount of talent points you have): All 27 talent points
  9. How about a vote for constable wanting to be corporals?
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