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  1. wow so good truly inspiring wow wtf only better montage i ever saw ever was created by temper leader wow omg
  2. rodo wasnt on stratis u fakey
  3. the prison was really bad too the cartel and turf spots where super fun tho
  4. bunni

    Cartel Events

    the one where all the cops protect a hemmt of gold bars/meth was a lot of fun
  5. that was after a year of not even touching the game and i still killed way more ppl then u just get good noob
  6. thats actually really bad and boring to watch
  7. a second altis server would just divide the people who play on s1 if u make another map (stratis) you would get dedicated players to that map specifically stratis is better then altis in every way too
  8. change the animation too finally used a free key and it legit took like 10 seconds of slowly scrolling through random skins until finally landing on some pos. make it just give me the shit skin or something its aids watching it go by so slow
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