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  1. Why do I have to be the last clip in your last montage o7 buddy
  2. Ethan Darrell


    O7 i forgot about that clip take care brother
  3. Another masterpiece great work
  4. Will kelly ever doddle again ?
  5. You buy the digital camo first then while it’s in your garage you can edit the skin in mods if you have the coast guard skin
  6. You can you just have to go in to vehicle mods and select the skin @Bag
  7. “Someone watch this guy” This mofo build different!?!?!
  8. Rename this “killing Steve montage“ dudes got like 8 deaths in this montage
  9. Just tower lag an maybe little server lag Nothing sketchy going on here very common to see this.
  10. I appreciate it @william but I do feel we can do something that the community will enjoy it’s not something I am giving up on I see other community producing all these cartels events and it’s really making a impact on there server so my whole narrative is to kinda join in that with asylums own twist on it i strongly believe there are people who would love to see this pull through I believe it can be done. I believe we can implement something that will bring that excitement back.
  11. Look at the latest poll nobody wants to see decreased sway according to the numbers i am not saying nothing can happen just when you look at it the community voted In favor of keeping sway the way it is. plus I am liking everyone’s input it is very much appreciated. I really wanna see this to the end so please keep the ideas coming.
  12. How about suggestions on some new Content any ideas you boys might have?
  13. Hello Asylum Gamers, Today, I would like to hear from you, the community, on what you would like to see added to Cartel life. I feel that Cartel fighting on this server is very non existant, and it seems that, as a community, we have shifted more towards fighting cops than going to fight cartels in more recent times. I am here to listen to you all on what you would like to see added or brought back to Asylum. I would like to stay on topic with this so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment on this thread. The very point of this post is to revive cartel fighting/G
  14. This mofo Build different..
  15. I think his date with your dad was yesterday?
  16. Using a sling loaded hatchback with speed bombs isn’t against the rules For instance if you drop a hatchback and it spangles them before it blows up, I’d consider it VDM as it is against the bombing rule, but if you drop a hatchback next to someone and it lands then blows up because of a speed bomb then it’s clearly not VDM It’s a firmly in the gray area kinda thing And at the end of the day if they want to spend that much on a speed bomb + lose a vehicle I’m probably not going to be that harsh on it
  17. @Alec-I looks like asylums biggest fuck boy
  18. @OLL13 slams orca “disconnected”
  19. Can confirm. but good work boys!!
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