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  1. yea admins are clearly not being consistent with this one
  2. cringe -1 retard gif
  3. yes this is bohemia director Gape Horne here mr manhua and you can indeed kill someone if they are trying to blow up your house!
  4. thank you FILS Abdul Karim Azeem ! i will also paypal someone 10 great british pounds to be unbanned!!!
  5. cringe -1 your a retard
  6. i am indeed not going to be returning to gaming asylum any time soon sadly
  7. Denied, please seek assistance in blowing your brains out
  8. 808 is a real ass nigga
  9. +1 for comedy yes this is the swing! we are for sure not telling you to swing from a tree ! by your neck!!!!
  10. miss killing cops with the fellas man
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