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  1. Was nice to see you guys fight the fed and bank, keep that shit up
  2. Tell em to fuck off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Even with a max of 4 medics at federal events, I've noticed the majority of both rebels and cops prefer that the medics be absent from the battles. Medics disrupted the flow of the fights and were more of a nuisance rather than a help for either side. There's been a noticable difference with the fights now that medics (have generally been) absent from the fight, so Ima keep it in place to accommodate the preference of the two factions that contain the majority of players rather than just let the few have an extra opportunity to make money.
  4. swat leader vs the chief of disappointments, let's see who wins, bitch.
  5. i'm the only one willing to take it lmao Don't believe so. I've been a career cop for most of my time on Asylum.
  6. I'm playing the race card if i dont get owner
  7. no need for you to know
  8. 'Twas the night before Christmas and the AFD has decided to take a roadtrip around Altis from Kavala to Pyrgos in a medical Tempest. If you come to the Tempest driver and complete a small task, you will receive $50k or more. Roadtrip will start at 8:00 PM EST. [Have to be on civ to participate] Happy Holidays to everyone.
  9. Fixed - if somebody has a similar problem, see if your Steam Friendly UI is enabled under game settings. Disable it if isn't already.
  10. and to think i babysat you back in the days
  11. @7empest https://gyazo.com/ec15bbfc674c0dc8cd71f32be128ba66
  12. It's about time you showed up.
  13. Solid work done, thanks for devoting so much effort into giving us degenerates something to enjoy.
  14. Rename impound to "tow vehicles" and I wouldn't see it being a huge deal. If we were to get the option, it'd be similar to cop where we won't be allowed to tow if there's a combat situation. We know the M-900 is ass, but it's not TERRIBLY ass. I plan on keeping the Hummingbird at AEMT to keep some incentive to play medic and rank up. I don't expect folks to put in 20 hrs/ month or some shit, I just want them to stay somewhat active.
  15. I absolutely agree and I had vouched for more players outside of the usual clique when we voted for the first wave, but they wanted to go with people that they know to be trustworthy and active. I see their POV as well and I'm okay with it 'cause it's not like we intend to prioritize APD perspectives. It's a game, we're all in it for the fun. People from from entire spectrum of Asylum's playerbase will get in, so I'm sure development and policies can be altered based on what people contribute to the conversation. Just because the outside influences are delayed a bit doesn't mean their opinions will be valued any less than those of anybody else. I'll propose some more names to add to the initial wave, but can't guarantee it will happen just yet.
  16. May seem like it, but I hate everyone equally. I agree with you and it's already been acknowledged, but like you said this is the early stage. We just wanted a few trustworthy guys to be able to seek out and bear the hiccups, then advise devs on what kinks should be ironed out. Applicants who were accepted so far (who are not part of asylum staff) are at the 2 lowest levels, and my hope is that they will remain there until we get the majority of applicants in. Then we'll focus on seeking out new blood to climb up rather than letting the washed up folks (like myself) hog the role. TL:DR We don't intend to let the AFD become a circlejerk for friends.
  17. No movement with AFD really till it's in and stable. Regardless, anyone who applied is bound to get in unless he or she is obnoxious. Just a matter of when. Except for homeuser, he's never getting in but we'll let him think he will.
  18. Hard to knock sense into drunks. Just a few weeks ago I encountered a frequent flyer in a panera bread who smelled like a bakery on steroids because he was getting shitfaced off of vanilla extract. We were flagged down to take him, he refused and got angry, had to call PD to cuff him to the bed. I wouldn't fight him mainly 'cause I'm a pussy, but also because I would quickly get dismissed.
  19. Then have another ALS unit rolling cause im boutta stab this bitch with my trauma shears.
  20. BSI, scene is not safe that man has a fucking 7.62 rifle in his hands.
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