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  1. Give it to me for free, the mighty Dragons will always have a seat for you.
  2. Reduce its presence, especially at night!
  3. Great video, great to watch while eating
  4. The repair progress bar should be different depending on the extent of vehicle damage
  5. If it passes, please keep it away from the city, fps is a pain every time you rob a jewelry store
  6. Asylum Plus+ It could solve your problem
  7. MoLu.


    https://postimg.cc/5HVygzr6 https://postimg.cc/PCZN1y2g
  8. MoLu.

    Event times

    Asian players are here
  9. Want to adjust the brightness like oly and gta?
  10. god god father god grandfather god great grandfather
  11. No, but it's a good idea
  12. Not recommended. This is not KOTH
  13. MoLu.

    New admins

    I hope the next article published in this section is the April patch
  14. Vehicle to Vehicle combat is permitted inside free fire zone
  15. It doesn't look like there's a lot of civilian participation in this event, and there's such a big difference between third and second place, or you're missing one digit.
  16. The only risk, the probability, is to go straight through the carrier model and fall into the sea. Don't ask me how I know that.
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