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  1. As with Title, please give some Infamy, not too much.10-30 will be nice
  2. Let me fucking summarize his article, he wants to add two gang bases to the server.Just it
  3. Agreed,15min-20min will be nice
  4. Fitz,Working like a buffalo in the field,Hard work without complaint.
  5. You missed one: ban the chinese
  6. There seems to be a slight problem with the server, causing Asian players to ping twice as much even if they are not using a vpn
  7. MoLu.


    To make them better, you must play for 15 minutes to collect them
  8. https://gyazo.com/0ff28111c67d1f7a07082eb9e0b9e197
  9. Why don't you have a lag in shooting the Chinese, which will make the people who complain about the Chinese ping cry.😭
  10. Patato:"Because a lot of people in these gang used the script!😭"
  11. In fact, this is a double-edged sword, when we shoot the enemy in the back, because of the high ping, the enemy can often counter us before death, so that both sides are killed, which is often the case.
  12. Of course, Arma is a non-synchronous game, and a high ping does not affect the player's action, while a synchronous game like cs takes ping more seriously
  13. Maybe moving the server server to Europe is also a solution to make it truly a global server, even if Asia connects to it, it's only 100+ ping,Of course, American players connected to it will not have a good ping, but it will not become the so-called "300ping+" players.Even though I've been ping around 200 on the server, people still like to call me "300 ping+" because they fail.
  14. Actually lag switching is the main problem, in fact some people ping high, but there is no packet loss phenomenon, interaction with others normal, low ping does not mean that he does not use lag switching profit, Therefore, detecting network packet loss can effectively prevent lag switching.
  15. MoLu.

    Changelog May

    I consulted on this issue on the 11th, and they told me that choosing a better governor would fix everything
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