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  1. Forgot to put my username - its Blue_Gatorad I started a few weeks ago so im not at anything crazy stat wise. I think im like CMB lvl 96 w/h a total of 1589> I added all of you guys in the thread
  2. Not sure why my post got deleted but anyone play Old School Runescape from Asylum? Add me - Blue_Gatorad
  3. 6500 requests, divided by 365 days, comes out to 17.8 requests per day. - A minimum 5 minute video per report usually (sometimes more, sometimes less) -> equates to ~90 minutes worth of video to watch per day. - You take that and add in 2 minutes to read your explanation of whats wrong + 2 minutes to reply to you with their explanation + 5 minutes to put in the ban/refund. - Note: This doesn't count for ANY time that it takes to re-watch a video if shits sketchy or if your a [][][][] and your video sucks / is too long. You now go up to 249 minutes per day -> which is roughly 4 hours at the absolute BARE MINIMUM. Theres maybe 20 members on the staff team? Thats probably like 8 too many but lets say hypothetically. - Dont Count @Mitch (IFRIT), @Clint Beastwood, or any of the developers because they have more important shit to do if you want to play the game. - That probably leaves you with 10-12 support members so lets say 12 for the hell of it to make the numbers more in favor for YOU. - That comes to roughly 21 minutes of straight non stop watching video's and replying which realistically unless your a robot you need to think about shit, re-type stuff, re-watch your ridiculous ass video's, or you might be busy inbetween reports making this roughly double (42 minutes). - This is again not counting BAN APPEALS, in game nonsense with cheaters/hackers, or the special snowflakes who need to talk in teamspeak. So its roughly 42 minutes per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for each support member here. - Im sure that most of them like most of you have a job, maybe a family or atleast some friends, meaning that they aren't around 7 days a week. - Lets say for hypothetical reasons they are available a solid 5 days a week. That means that the 42 minutes a day now turns to 58.8 minutes. So the outcome is that every time one of these guys wants to get home from work they "Owe" you an hour of their time IF they can do it very efficiently providing your video/reports dont suck. You may not be the person for that hour today but from the statistics shown it appears that they seem handle all cases within one weeks time. - I am sure you are just as responsible as the adults in their staff team meaning that you probably only get a few hours of free time per day your self. - I cant speak for anyone but im not taking 1 out of the 4 hours I get to handle some dip shits video about a guy DPI glitching 20 minutes into the video. - I think you should appreciate the plain simple fact that they do this every week for you without pay, with all these morons, and they help you get to continue playing.
  4. @Rag / @Twinkie Is there a particular set of RAM that you would recommend? I want to make sure it hits atleast 3200 MHZ if not 3600 and I heard some shitty things about overclocking some RAM brands. I think in my PC I have the 3200 version of these but they dont seem to be all that popular (although mines overclocked with no issue on an intel setup) - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07X8DVDZZ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3TOECTKC4OEBD&psc=1 I seen some recommendation video's using something like this too: _ https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-PC4-28800-1-35V-Desktop-Memory/dp/B07FBVYFKH/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=corsair+vengeance+lpx+3600&qid=1578588296&sr=8-1
  5. Just in case someone who reads this is building their own PC - what the folks above noted is true. It turns out that some of these motherboards require a BIOS update to use the new CPU's and you need an older AMD chip to do it unfortunately. Luckily with this motherboard line they made a MAX version that was already flashed so you didnt need to do that: ``` Therefore, getting a standard B450 Tomahawk isn't recommended for new Ryzen 3rd gen CPUs whatsoever - even if you do the BIOS update yourself, you could encounter issues either now like many others have, or down the road (due to the small BIOS chip). To solve the problem MSI quickly (well, it hasn't turned out too quick for the US) released a "Max" version of the popular Tomahawk with a new and bigger BIOS ROM/chip to be able to accommodate the new BIOS (and future BIOS updates). Plus, the new Tomahawk comes already equipped with the new BIOS too, so there's no need to update the BIOS yourself - very handy for those building a new PC. ``` Hmm interesting, I thought about just giving him my 1070ti in a few months and it kind of kills me that the 970 I bought to hold him over is brand new in a box lol
  6. Thats a good point, although, you know being lazy and all ... I could send it back to the cunts if they ship me some old shit. Azeh mentioned that the "MAX" version is the one that would be compatible out of the box so I think thats might have been where I went wrong
  7. Yeah I built one nephew a PC (older one) and I have a younger one who really likes to play my old beat up one. Regarding the MOBO warning .. I wonder if thats just something they put for all AM2 boards since I keep seeing video's with these same parts put together. (I updated the initial post with a video where someone uses it)
  8. Hi All, I have built quite a few PC's in the past and for the most part I almost always go to @Azeh to see whats shit these days and whats not. This time around im building one for my nephews birthday and I noticed a lot of the AMD prices are ridiculously good right now. Budget: I dont think there's really a budget but I figured something within 500-1000 range would be prefered. What I put together so far: - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Jybfmg I basically have a brand new GTX 970 sitting in a box, a corsair 550 or 650 PSU (Can't remember), and a 1TB HDD he can have so it saves a couple hundred bucks there. Ill end up giving him my 1070ti eventually but for now im sure thats good enough to run medium graphics since hes more then happy playing on 20 frames on low right now lol. -----------> I was hoping to get your thoughts on that build above as it seems like for all intensive purposes it can play 1080p games quite well and its just about 500 bucks. My understanding with AMD Ryzen CPU's is that the most important part is to get a good batch of RAM + MOBO that can actually overclock to the 3200 speed for the CPU to utilize. Any recommendations would be appreciated and if what I picked is shit please let me know Oh I guess one other thing is I also have some cheap kingston SSD he could use too but I figured that maybe those new SSD's would help a lot. (Also I wasn't really sure with that warning on the PC part picker if it was compatible since I seen a youtube video where they used the parts together) -
  9. Looks sick but I haven't a clue what any of it is
  10. Again this is my preference so its certainly not yours but maybe youll find something you like - @eazy:(. I make good money now but this is where I have been getting my clothes for years and its near impossible get size 14 shoes in stock that dont cost a fortune so you may appreciate this if your tall: One place I get a lot of shoe's from (Adidas ultrabounce/alphabounce) and some sweatshirts is the addidas store on ebay: - https://www.ebay.com/usr/adidas_official?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2754 (Love their shoes and a lot of their stuff goes on heavy sales. If you have a size 14 shoe like me you wont find better prices ... or stock available lol) One place I get my shorts (basketball), Occasional Basketball shoes, and tanktops is from Eastbay: - https://www.eastbay.com/product/~/1137102.html (Insanely good quality basketball shorts and one of the only ones that tell you the length - so if your tall you would appreciate that). One place I like to get T shirts from is old navy - again they have tall clothes so I dont have to get poncho's if I want something to fit (6'3): - https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=131193032&rrec=true&mlink=5050,12413545,onproduct2_rr_1&clink=12413545#pdp-page-content (Sales are shit right now but I can normally get a pair of jeans for 15-25$, Shirts for 3-10$, Cargo Shorts for 10-25$)
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