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  1. Thanks for the update.
  2. Sorry, is it a garage or a shed?
  3. So, I understand the rule change, but what I would ask is if there would be an exception for people passenger seating. There is no name, and more often than not it is from an angle where you wouldn't get the name in a video and usually a friend or something has a clear view of what is going on with names and everything. Is that something we can still submit or do we have to just deal with it?
  4. Hey Yall, I tried this and still can not connect. What should I do ?
  5. Travis*

    Encore V2

    In-game name: Solar What age are you: 26 Arma 3 hours ( provide a screenshot):1843 https://gyazo.com/7f85beb4f615417f59ac16133ed8f33e Why do you want to join encore: I am looking for a gang with chill people to have fun with. Also shooting things alone tends to get me killed. Why should we accept you: I don't think I am the best shot (not that I am horrible), but for some reason I manage to hit every shot from a Heli. I enjoy learning new things and have a decent knowledge of cartel/bank/fed/prisons. What other gangs have you been in: Peach Street, Acheron(very briefly as the gang died) Can anyone vouch for you: Morality, Slade
  6. Two nobody's on a nobody server. You're the coolest
  7. Lol, My gigabit fiber. You can continue to be a salt mine. Lol. Toxic troll.
  8. Is anyone doing anything to try to fix the constant server lag? It makes the game pretty much unplayable.
  9. Seriously, some people have all of their resources and gear on servers 2 and 3 and with no warning, they just shit on them.
  10. Travis*

    Change log 6.9.2

    Also, is there any reason the lag on server 3 is miserably bad? I checked my connection and its not me
  11. Travis*

    Change log 6.9.2

    Thank you! Any clue about the seat belt thing? I can put it on sometimes, but rarely
  12. Travis*

    Change log 6.9.2

    Do the crates/barrels still stay though? Just empty?
  13. Travis*

    Change log 6.9.2

    Am i the only one who cant put a seat belt on?
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