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  1. Did you make sure to launch the game with the mods required selected?
  2. Vortex


    god I wish I had that FPS
  3. He has to go forward to be able to go backwards
  4. Accepted. PMC days are back, wheres alucard
  5. congrats boys, well deserved!
  6. +1 i think ifrits should be raised to aroung 75k-90k range
  7. no work tomorrow so ill try making 2 or 3 designs to throw up
  8. It wasn't a disrespect thing, quite the opposite actually, im sure @Waltdidnt have a problem with it, only you it seems because a obvious grudge i wont bring up in here. But no problems if you dont want me posting a compliment ill respect it. No hard feelings
  9. - remove the ability to use [ ] in player names so group tags cannot be confused with someone who just has it in their player name
  10. - redesign of north bank - redesign of laser tag arena - tactical vest crafting - new cartel locations - turf capture times, takes too long to cap currently in my opinion, cant move or shoot without it cancelling - maybe a new boat event? - helicopter sling dp mission rework
  11. Good shit bringing back a bit of old asylum
  12. When @Goodyand @808state hit you with the no balls and offer to pay for the speed bomb if i got 2 kills.
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