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  1. Can you further explain what you mean by this? Like a aircraft carrier in the sky? Or a different plane added?
  2. I like the idea, Maybe a form of a occupational talent tree of some sort? One occupation at a time, Must pay x amount to learn the occupation to become licensed, Then build up talents within that occupation? @Patato
  3. Vortex

    Add in Ghosthawks

    That's entirely up to the dev's, I was just stating my personal opinion on it
  4. Vortex

    Add in Ghosthawks

    From my experiences with both helicopters, The ghosthawk definetely seems to have higher armor value and is more difficult to shoot out or disable, As well as being significantly easier to successfully belly drop with, Even if it was considered to be added for rebels, The price tag would have to be considerably high. Huron's on the other hand I think would be a better alternative to be added as another rebel helicopter, Relatively easy to disable, More than enough room for passengers, While also being decently fast.
  5. If housing is becoming that big of a concern maybe bringing something back similar to the old donor town with the few roads of houses? remember the added houses used to be real buggy though
  6. Vortex

    Bounty Hunter

    Bounty hunters are not policeman, So they do not need siren's like a policeman. If you really want siren's like a policeman, Apply to be a policeman. It's an english speaking server though so it only makes sense that you must speak english to communicate with other APD officers in teamspeak.
  7. remote explosive is the way to go
  8. Here is my advice. I told you to make a report I have absolutely nothing to hide lol actually I didn't even use any admin tools yesterday period. But don't come to the forums making threats, This is your only chance and if these post's continue instead of following actual reporting procedures then you will find your posts needing to be approved by staff. For your information I got a red chain twice last night, Out of my control. You should know exactly what that's like with your ping.
  9. knee pads about 2" thick, and 450k an hour!
  10. I think it is time to put him in a karaoke contest against @bigjohn561
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