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  1. I was on cloud fucking 9 when I stole 300k from someone going to donor reb. Good times.
  2. True statement. Easiest hemmet box truck run my fucking life. Quick 200k profit with no risk.
  3. Did you get the money from that roach job?
  4. Second this. That's why I was really happy when we had that one community meeting. Felt like the right direction to get talks going.
  5. I got a hot take. Just remove Dom. I said it.
  6. God was not on your side that day.
  7. Bye Macaulay Culkin. Don't be home alone now.
  8. To add onto this, give up better gear to where we don't get fucking one tapped by a pebble.
  9. He was clearly shooting the ghost that was next to molu
  10. If you think about it, his ancestry goes back to the black plague in Europe. So if you really think about it, his ancestors survived and made a lineage to lead up to this moment. Making the line proud.
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