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  1. Idk if this is a bug or a feature but EMS and EMT's cant buy a Hatchback Sport and thats a must have for a medic
  2. told him not to pick that trash song
  3. make bounty hunter great agian
  4. this is all i got so far https://gyazo.com/7d30add05c343e928714812f656b9529
  5. every time I click on apex predator it will say this is a master level which requires all previous talents https://gyazo.com/0b39aac80b58030885df273409ef388f
  6. Hours On Arma 3 -988 and 1338 on dayz so im pro level Heads up im Devick Fett Hours Played On Asylum -on arma i mostly play asylum so like 900 Hrs Bank Account -895,592 Are You 16 Or Older? -18 Can you hold tac comms? -yes of curse dayz skills bro Previous Gangs? -Boats N Hoes and forgot rest its been years Do you know anyone in SHIELD? -yes I meet you guys at Kalava and help fight the cops Tell Us A Little About Yourself - well my main character is xXfreakkidXx but you guys know me as Devick Fett the Albino Guy yea Devick is my bounty hunting character but I use him mostly now so yea
  7. when I got ban for 3 days it was a mistake see what happen is that a cop spawn in and I didnt know he just join the server I was engage with the cops and he join while I was engage he recorded me and show it to the admin and I told the admin I was engage with the cop and he believe me and Unban me so the problem is that I shouldn't have gotten a 1 week ban I should of got a 3 day ban I proof of me getting Unban because of the incident can I get 3 day ban which the 3 days past since Wednesday I put proof incident down below proof of the incident picture of me getting Unban and the video of what happen https://gyazo.com/264f3392c7739617285075ed8414f93d See it was a Accident since the 3 day past could I get Unban https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pZV0aprTsk
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