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  1. i was just out of range but was beautiful
  2. This looks like it could be a scene from an action movie
  3. Who tf are you stealing my gang name
  4. Lol we fight every time we’re on?
  5. The reason there’s no fights is because no one knows how to fight and people nowadays are scared to lose their precious virtual money.
  6. I had 350k worth of scotch in my houses on s2 so I just went and loaded it all in a hemmt and sold at wongs
  7. You can still sell items like meth and scotch on s2. No need to move
  8. The person below me is black

  9. is the rank system going to be based off playtime for EMR - Paramedic?
  10. We should hold a community discussion and vote to see who gets medic chief and assistant instead of just handing them out to ppl

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    2. uc.


      Nobody cares about this more than me!!

    3. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      For real this is my calling in life and i've just been mugged off


    4. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      I know bread is a real emt/paramedic im not sure about Jake but at least the people they chose know how it works. And I think lucien is right, and why not leave it up to the chief to decide?


  11. man I can’t stop thinking about @KrazyKnight dude

  12. yall see ivan’s pfp 😫 goddam🙌

    1. The Ivan

      The Ivan

      yo chill wtf children wander this website

  13. mitch kinda cute 😳

  14. for me it is the mcchicken, the best fast food sandwich

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    2. Tman15tmb


      I'd agree with you but I've endured terrible food poisoning from a bad spicy chicken so now if I'm feeling a spicy chicken sandwich I'm sliding over to Chik Fil A ;)

    3. ItsFevver


      Oh for sure id never pick mcdonalds over CFA its to god tier

    4. Donald Clinton

      Donald Clinton

      thats great guys, but for me, it is the McChicken, the best fast food sandwich.

  15. It’s crazy how an online friend could die one day and you would probably never know, just the fact they haven’t been back on in a long time.
  16. buy a month and see how you like it
  17. i bought one month to try it out it’s been pretty fun so far
  18. Mission failed we’ll get em next time
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