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  1. damn can't believe i missed this shit upload.
  2. dillon pls dont use that to try and flex.
  3. +1, much better player than @Bherky
  4. ok buddy. listen here. #berkyforblackslist
  5. okay so listen. berky. you're still dogshit, okay, and i will never let you forget that. but... -.25 berky 4 was the best yet i must say. (still a shit player)
  6. -1, berk is better only 500k blood money shitter
  7. trump 2020 no more bullfuck
  8. +2, much much better than berk.
  9. -.5, still a dogshit player but my favorite one thus far
  10. umm idk who copa is. accepted under extremely strict trial. thx for my blue hat.
  11. taking cartels seriously on a dead game? we fight for fun. ppl have said the games been dead since 2016 and y'all still play. take ur ass off dead forums and go on tinder to try and get a girl
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