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  2. I like the idea, just not the fact that you can sell these items to the Assassin for the same amount
  3. is your arma installed on a floppy disk?
  4. i misclick too much. the amount of IA's lex would put in on me would be insane. 0/10
  5. so who's gonna tell him you're able to ads in this game?
  6. actually its a lot more complicated
  7. please apply... why is no one applying!?!?
  8. In-Game Name : operatorjohnny Previous Gangs : none sir, just the altis reserves Time Played on Arma 3 : about 15,000 hours Previous Affiliation, if any : none, commander Why do you want to join the Military?: i need uniformity in my life
  9. You are the only one who is against it. You barely play the server. Please get off the forums and get a life.
  10. +1 ive been saying this for years! The whole roleplay aspect of the argument is just outright stupid. I have a setting on my phone to turn on kill notifications, or turn them off, so why is it any different with bright night? The issue of NVGs is mainly with cartel fights so just add an option so that when I'm fighting on OG I don't get 3rd degree burns in my eyes from shooting my MK. If people in Kavala want the night sky darker than the Mariana trench then they can have that
  11. shooting a gun with nvgs gives me a epileptic seizure
  12. agreed smoke exploiting = boring fights
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