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  1. wayyyy too low stakes. small blind 2.5k and big blind 5k. max bet needs to be at least 10k per hand
  2. you reduced weapon sway. i will always love you fitz. im forever in your debt.
  3. 60% of s2 players dont play s1 so i really shouldn't even be an issue
  4. can we PLEASE for the love of god get over this "broken economy" mentality? no one wants to grind for 4 hours to make 500k anymore, and the people that want to still can. people want to actually play the game and have fun. notice how olympus has easy money making methods and a "broken economy" but has a much larger player base....because they can PLAY THE GAME. no one cares about your 9 year old virtual economy. the rich people dont spend their money, so dont punish the rest of us. let us play. thanks, johnny
  5. Ifrits that are blown up should not be taken from your garage, or make S1 and S2 ifrits different with S2 ifrits being significantly cheaper
  6. ur doing good fitz dont let this little graphic designer bully you
  7. The other option is to give SRT rules, like Walt said, and then SRT has their own points and get paid from the prize pool.
  8. The SRT faction on Domination seems to be outdated and completely unbalanced to the civ domination faction. LOADOUTS/RESPAWN COST: At the moment, when you respawn on SRT, $5,000 is automatically taken from your bank. If you want to buy CSATS, its another $6,000 plus the other items in your kit. The amount of money that gangs get back from winning domination completely outweighs SRT players, and most of the time SRT players do not break even. CSATS should be reduced from $6,000 to $3,000 for SRT players, or CSATs should be unlocked at a certain amount of kills, just like ifrits and guns. The respawn cost should be reduced from $5,000 to $2,500. UNCAPPING: The current timer for an SRT player to uncap a point is entirely too long and should be reduced to the same amount of time it takes for a gang member to capture a point. The payout of $20,000 per point should stay the same, but the time to do so should be reduced significantly. MONEY PER KILL: Currently on SRT you get $1,000 per normal kill and $2,000 per hotzone kill. These should be updated to $1,500 per kill and $2,500 per hotzone kill. The SRT faction is one that is not used to its full potential and I believe that having more consistent SRT players would add to the domination experience. The prices that I have listed should be open to discussion, these are just prices that me and people I have talked to came up with that seem fair. It is not that I want SRT to be a money printer, however I think that there should be a decent opportunity for those that regularly play SRT to make some money from it due to the fact that there are no policies in place that mandate SRT faction organization.
  9. operatorjohnny^


    cant believe that you are still gone. we all miss u homie, have a great Hanukkah!
  11. I like the idea, just not the fact that you can sell these items to the Assassin for the same amount
  12. is your arma installed on a floppy disk?
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