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Undercover gets their own loadouts slots


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Being an undercover is fun and all but unless you have asylum plus you’re stuck having to use 3 loadout slots which most of the time you already have filled up with cop loadouts, getting one of the three UC slots is hard as it is. If a fed event pops and you die you’d have to scroll through the pain of regearing your character bit by bit which takes time off from responding to it. 

Not to mention with the sick selection of uniforms to use it would be hard to stick to one uniform. 

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Were going to be denying this one.

5 slots is more than ample for 99% of the APD.

On average most subscriber cops are running
1.) Regular patrol uni
2.) Expensive UC kit
3.) Cheap UC Kit
4.) Westuit/survival fatigue
5.) Empty unless its an LT+ then it seems to be some sort of heavy gun or meme loadout

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