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  1. not down for good yet. But at the start of april it will be. It should be up this weekend!
  2. I was so god damn confused about this. That metal really screwed me
  4. Thank you! But it wouldn't be possible without the support I gain from those in the community!
  5. Old cap for payout was 150k
  6. still too much
  7. Problem here is that it would cause a few issues. 1. It would cause your game to lock up for a extended period of time 2. It then would cause the server to check if each and every single house is owned or not. Think of even 50 people doing this at once. It would cause issues, many issues. The crates are a donation goal at this time.
  8. #winning
  9. Soon!
  10. Yes
  11. If you are being downed at the 10 minute mark, just for the purpose of being held over and over again. You are allowed to disconnect. you'll need to maintain evidence in case they try to report your for combat log.
  12. I enjoy your feedback! I enjoy everyone's feedback.
  13. Screw Youtube's Copyright BS @Clint Beastwood @Monopoly @DarkKnight