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  1. #notmyCM
  2. I agree
  3. what am i looking at here?
  4. Thank you for banning Aleec Spazeed! keep the trolls in there cage.

  5. Hi there. I have to make this fast. Using information gathered from a different factions teamspeak information to fight that same faction. You submitted rdm reports that included you being in the cop channels while fighting the cops. You submitted evidence to support that you did not combat log where again, you were in the cops channels while fighting the said cops. You are going to remain banned. This is nothing personal against you. But your actions with "grotty gangs" remained within the civilian faction. You then graduated to doing it with the apd. Our last conversation in teamspeak detailed my expectations for you going forward in regards to being in the cop ts. You made a promise that you'd stop with the stuff, but here you are again doing it. I have no empathy for you. You've had plenty of chances here. Your time is up. You cant say that you didnt see this coming.
  6. He has submitted some great stuff to update our everyday used items. Stay tuned!
  7. Welcome, @Pizza Man to the role of contributor. He's going to be helping out around here. Congrats!
  8. on it! There is a script that runs that cleans up unused vehicles. If we were to shorten it, there would be consequences for everyone who is on the server.
  9. Just trying to have a little fun. You haddad to send me flying.
  10. We do not intend to accept bitcoin at any time. We appreciate the thought!
  11. Wooow
  12. Comp approved. Added to inventory. Gave you a black one. Have fun! Have some respect!