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  1. For those who were adversely effected by my actions, I am sorry. Please contact @Clint Beastwood to file a complaint. A few people asked for the video, I suspect it's because they want to report me. So quickly I grabbed a few shots from the reel. I apologize for the Script Error on screen. There was not enough time to restart the game. It's a bit long, most won't care to watch. Either way, see you guys around! BYE V1 I should mention before @Sean That Irish Guy starts crying. It was a "Purge" event. even a few civs got a Pawnee.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I urge you to remain calm while some things are worked through. This is a huge undertaking and there are bound to be a few issues. Right now, I wouldn't go too hard in arguing the QOL stuff etc. Give it a few days and let' see what happens. Everything under the sun can be visited and looked at. If house storage prices need to be looked at, that can totally be done. But there isn't a reason to fill two pages full of debating it at this point.
  3. If you ever want to swap war stories. Find me in teamspeak.
  4. You can always spot the rookie
  5. That hurts a bit. But are the end of the day..I dont appear in shamwow ads. So it truly cant be that bad.
  6. I've also updated the name to better reflect the owner of the account. Cheers
  7. HI ron, I have locked your post, and unhidden you responding to it with your main account.
  8. Are you okay? You must be delusional
  9. Can only apply them to NPC's. Sadly. I.hope they change that. I'd dance on DH when we wipe them at cartels. Shitters P.s locked because I felt like it
  10. I can hear the constable crying from here
  11. I've made it a poll and it was answered appropriately. I then closed the poll to further votes.
  12. Well that was pure awesome. Thanks for all who hung out and contributed to the absolute chaos. I've never been more proud of a video game. The devs knocked it out of the park. You guys rock and thank you for pulling the late nights to get us here.
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