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  1. 10/10 Welcome!
  2. Thanks for all the hard work


    You won't be missed 

  3. Congrats! Welcome to hell I mean team..
  4. To all those who have had the misfortune to imbibe Mrs. Steve W Jackwagon III's pushy whinges, I have one thing to say: Steve has an implacable determination to satisfy her own ambitions and lusts at whatever cost to her confederates, her nation, and even to her own progeny. Before I launch into my rant, permit me the prelude caveat that Steve claims that people find her unrelenting, over-the-top hostility rather refreshing. Come on, Steve; show some common sense for a change. Steve has accused me of writing that little green men live on Mars. I, hardheaded cynic that I am, would sincerely hope that even rapacious so-called experts realize that when you put words in someone else's mouth, you're obviously bound to hear exactly the conclusions you wanted. What I'm trying to say is that she shouldn't cater to the basest instincts of whiney twerps. That's just common sense. Of course, the people who appreciate her hate sheets are those who eagerly root up common sense, prominently hold it out, and decry it as poison with astonishing alacrity. Steve's jejune antics have given birth to a completely new subspecies in the human race: Steve W Jackwagon zealots. This is a curious animal that tends to disregard established wisdom and listen exclusively to what Steve has to say. When Steve says that sadism is the torch that is lighting our path to a peaceful, prosperous future, they all repeat that statement like parrots. They refuse to believe that I correctly predicted that Steve would use “pressure tactics”—that's a euphemism for “torture”—to coerce ordinary people into furthering political and social goals wholly or in part through activities that involve force or violence and a violation of criminal law. Alas, I didn't think she'd do that so effectively—or so soon. To be entirely candid, I respect the English language and believe in the use of words as a means of communication. Closed-minded worrywarts like her, however, consider spoken communication as merely a set of noises uttered to excite emotions in illiterate gauleiters in order to convince them to plant the seeds of Trotskyism into the tabulae rasae of children's minds. Okay, there's no reason for me to be acerbic, so I'll leave you with this concept: Mrs. Steve W Jackwagon III's memoirs are a syncretism of surly presentism and vulgar, violent ethnocentrism.
  5. QFE
  6. AHAHAH!
  7. When i saw that video, i thought of this.
  8. Between @Clint Beastwood and I, we ran the "Pain train" on the 3 pages of comp.
  9. They are all done.
  10. could i ask what it doesnt have that you need?


  11. Arma
  12. +1 keep up the great work!