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  1. Parental consent is required to use these forums. Please send permission slip to my inbox. Thanks!
  2. Mitch (IFRIT)


    Y'all got it wrong Iced coffee is where it's at. Take you t bags and throw them in the trash. Disgusting. Be a grown man and drink that beautiful bean water.
  3. Persistent storage has been talked about for the future plans. I'm not totally sure on what exact route it will take. But it's well known that the community enjoyed it.
  4. Shouldn't you be at a deer camp with a quarter in your hand? @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  5. The Support Team is the first point of contact for many new and veteran players within Asylum. The Support Team consist of dedicated community members who wish to fulfil the role to help their fellow gamers to obtain the help they desire. As a support team member, you will be responsible for assisting players with submitting player reports, compensation request and general server guidance. This role takes place mainly on the forums and Teamspeak. However, a support member who fulfils these duties both out of the game and in-game are prefered. It's imperative that we work to bridge the gap between new players and their server support needs. A Support Team member must be able to think on their toes, have a great understanding of server mechanics and have the ability to remain cool-headed. What we are looking for: You MUST be 18 or older, no exceptions sorry. Be an ACTIVE member of the Asylum Community, and have been a member of the community for at least 6 months. Be in good standing within the Asylum Community. Have a good understanding of the game mechanics, current issues and the ability to troubleshoot. Have the ability to listen to community members, be empathetic and understanding. You must have a high level of responsibility. Please use the below application, take your time when filling it out and be as detailed as possible when doing so, short applications with limited information do not get much attention to them. Put effort into your application! If you did it in 5 minutes you did not put effort in it, sell yourself! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In-Game Name: Real Name: Age: Location: Player ID: Occupation: Please tell us about yourself: Do you stream? If so please provide a link: How long have you been a member of the community? Are you currently in a gang? If so which? Have you ever had any administrative action taken against you? If so what? Have you ever been or are currently an Admin for another community? If so, which? Why do you feel that you would make a great addition to the Support Team? What skills do you possess that would benefit the Support Team? Being an active member is a must, how much time can you dedicate to being active on our server? **Once you post your application you will no longer see your application. Do NOT contact the admins about the status of your application as they will not give out that information. If you are selected for an interview you will be contacted via forum message.** APPS WILL CLOSE April 26 2019 @2259 (11:59 pm) CST
  6. Professionals please apply! Good luck!
  7. I will not shut the fuck up. I don't stop talking
  8. Sounds like he needs a square punch to the lady parts
  9. shit Steve, I found your account and accidentally clicked the unban button. My bad. oh well
  10. you know. I looked for this player in question but was unable to find his account to place a ban. It's a shame that the software has failed us today.
  11. I'm sure @GO7NEY would comment. But there isn't enough room on these forums for his ego.
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