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  1. Forsaken Forsaken is a gang focused on having fun. We are not a strictly fighting gang! Requirements: -500 hours -At least 16 years old -Financially stable -Fighting experience preferred Application: In-Game Name: Age: Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): Vouches: How active will you be? Roster
  2. LMAOOOOO @Kareem Kinte I don’t think you should fly for a while
  3. As much as I like to do prisons just for the fight, I don’t think the 50k bounty thing would work out too well, but I think there should at least be somebody in prison doesnt make much sense to be able to do a prison break with nobody in prison
  4. GravL


    what are you talking about
  5. GravL


    yeah i noticed
  6. Found an old video of @T e a and @JamieH flexing their garage and bank while i pretended to be a hacker thought it was pretty funny https://plays.tv/video/5c9175dc09d716ed44/-?from=user my mic is a little delayed but whatever
  7. sorry i dont even know how to play chess not a nerd
  8. Name: Gravl Hours: like 2800  Vouches: idk Have you ever been in chess club (yes/no and what school level): no Favorite anime: fuck anime  Previous groups and clubs: Rehab  Brain size (1-10): 7 IQ: 114 Vouches: idk Highest level of education: high school dropout Vouches: idk Vouches: idk Ethnicity: white Do you support the denuclearization of the United States: no  How active will you be (1-10): like 2  Vouches: idk
  9. woah woah woah wait a minute
  10. Why would this be bannable? Best feature on the server
  11. Meh, still can’t decide if I want it or not. What do you even do after you make millions? Can you buy a mansion or a lambo or something?
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