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  1. Oh no someone on the internet insulted my IQ this is u n a c c e p t a b l e I don’t know if I can continue playing this server this guy was way to rude oh no
  2. Congrats!
  3. But I love kavala
  4. Just use editor, spawn a plane at donor runway and fly to the airport
  5. My name was originally supposed to be gravlin813 because my last name is Gravlin and I was born on August 13th, but Arma decided to shorten it down to Gravl, and I never changed it
  6. Working as intended.
  7. I used to love using them back when they were normal, I thought it looked awesome. Hopefully they get fixed, I really like MTP
  8. Are some of these people retarded or was it an agreed upon thing to knife? Like why would bandit and twitch just let you run up and knife them and not shoot back tf
  9. Thanks m8
  10. Welcome! I’m feeling helpful right now, so if you need help with anything, message me on the forums or on steam (Gravl) and I’ll try to help you out!
  11. I think your dog is sick
  12. A little video my mom took of her chasing her tail
  13. Nah m8 its the angle she was staring at my nuggets lol