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  1. Ayyy I’m in side chat in the first few minutes complaining about losing crank am I famous yet
  2. Deal
  3. I have ephedra listed for 250 a unit on the exchange on server 4 if you are interested.
  4. Yeah I’m ass lul
  6. Ok, so I was playing CSGO and had some Deja Vu. And as I was thinking about the deja vu, i "remembered" someone coming up behind me and killing me, And i turned around and killed him before he killed me. That's the weirdest shit I've ever experienced.
  7. Gravl
  8. Oh no someone on the internet insulted my IQ this is u n a c c e p t a b l e I don’t know if I can continue playing this server this guy was way to rude oh no
  9. Congrats!
  10. But I love kavala
  11. Just use editor, spawn a plane at donor runway and fly to the airport
  12. My name was originally supposed to be gravlin813 because my last name is Gravlin and I was born on August 13th, but Arma decided to shorten it down to Gravl, and I never changed it
  13. Working as intended.