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  1. https://gyazo.com/9f06f53060a1aaf4f6803508fe3a54b2
  2. lmao
  3. lul git gud
  4. move south rebel to old bank
  5. A good majority of players are bounty hunters, so typically there aren’t any great bounties on causing “master bounty hunters” to head to kavala. Add an incentive for more people to be rebels and you will see less bounty hunters sitting in kavala waiting for the 2500 dollar bounty
  6. I believe when they made it go straight to gang they removed the 3500(I think) every 5 minutes
  7. Could bring back bounty hunters when all they could get was tac vest and sting
  8. Not a very quality player, recommend against these settings
  9. Get zaros buy box for 10k chop for 10.8k ez money
  10. 10000 for maximum evasion
  11. Make TD;LR please
  12. Add slammers with downing rounds for bounty hunters, add wipeouts for cops, add go-carts to rebel outpost
  13. This would be good, because majority of CL are in Kavala, and other city centers.
  14. Cops should get the T-100 Varsuk