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  1. that's on the cartel
  2. legit 1/6? what about an illegitimate 1/6? like perhaps, 1/3? a more accurate figure? unless your loadout costs 80k, my loadouts definitely don't cost a sixth of yours.
  3. how do you dislike a post on the forums
  4. about 20 minutes left in it this meme made me watch a movie that is actually phenomenal
  5. hozram what fov are you on my man
  6. i was playing double chinston and dove off of the edge of the map eight times in a row in one match. fuck was i tilted.
  7. only mildly salty at overwatch. not triggered with someone on the forums.
  8. your parents will literally never be proud of you. the highlight of your APD career was when you lethaled durga.
  9. have my god damn like, earned it.
  10. eh. i dont fight the good fight normally but holy shit my man please relax and find something better to do with yourself than respond in the exact way we want you to. giving the boys the attention they want from you only makes this thread turn more toxic.
  11. he never claimed to not be a weaboo. this is fake news.
  12. you get firing squadded more often than anyone else
  13. Using a program called Davinci Resolve. I like it, and I didn't feel like stealing another program.
  14. I had a little bit of footage to work with. But I appreciate the effort, I'm getting footage for another one over the course of a week or two.