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  1. bump
  2. definitely not the right bunny, you're looking for @BadBunny
  3. 3 words
  4. @Steve
  5. reserved for shitposting later
  6. do us all a favor and leave you tried, you failed, now go away.
  7. Even if I were to retire I'd stay further than you've made it. My kneepadding isn't happening here brother.
  8. you're not making a good image for yourself he's being an ape, ily steve. whoops, too many tism's for me to keep track. ily tyler
  9. He's been around longer than you'll stay around. Your suggestion wasn't good, get over it. The number of times I've sided in favor of @Steve are few and far between, but you're wrong. Also, telling @Jake of ALL people that he doesn't know what he's talking about shows just how informed you are.
  10. the kids that shot this guy for real snitched themselves out pro tip if you decide to shoot a fucking celebrity don't tweet about it after you've left a geotag trail
  11. man be easy he did some dumb shit but shouldn't be defined by it don't wish death on anyone man, shit will come back to bite you.
  12. good shit as always tryhard
  13. why is everyone telling me to read this
  14. 2 kind of people on this thread js