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  1. Oooh ill have to try this
  2. What about a having a shout box on the fourms? What could possibly go wrong, besides some banter here and there I think it would be a decent addition to the fourms.
  3. Ye its not the fact that your a shit shot, its the fact that when playing bounty hunter you turn people into jail in which case, most people you turn in have a high bounty, thus, they are in jail for 45 minutes, they cant bail out and they don't get to do jackshit for 45 minutes.
  4. With the coming of 8.0 I could see this being helpful. I wouldn't mind helping on the video.
  5. Why do people keep posting in the wrong thread.
  6. NICE SHOT THERE BUD, however this is the wrong thread and a completely different fourm.
  7. Bring this back PLEASE, everything about the old Asylum was great.
  8. +1 awesome work
  9. Great work
  10. +1 Honestly I miss that old cartel.
  11. I know what you meant I was just fucking with you. I thought they had something like this in Takistan life, I don't know how well it worked.
  12. so a 24/7 lockdown on Kavala?
  13. This looks like a very valuable shed when eluding the police from the weed processor.
  14. +1 would definitely buy crates if they had these.
  15. @Pwnsome