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  1. Noice
  2. I just have to make sure that the other camera doesn't get shot and you also really wanna keep an eye on those stairs.
  3. no
  4. @Cougar. its ok man when i come to the rank of admin i will hecka destory this server from the inside out. I will give money to everyone and cartel fights will be the new money making method. vote for me for gov.
  5. Was fun playing with everyone. Played Asylum for around 4 years and enjoyed all of it. Sadly life is moving faster then ever and Asylum isn't what it used to be therefore I am leaving. I loved everyone I met whether we hated each other or not it was always fun to fight. Most of you probably dont know me and if you do you probably know me as the pleb who created Mayhem (≈M≈) or the guy who you could blow up his car by clicking "Pick Banana". However I had the most fun and met some of the best people I know to this day during that span of that gang. Shout-out to all those gangs who we used to fight: Vyper, One New Enemy, Rodents, FSA, Channel 4, 101st, Disciples, KGB, Dogs, Muffin ss, Monkeys, Drunk Squad, Gambinos, Void, Goon Squad, Wicked, and many more that I cant even think of right now. Shout out to all those who made my experience one of the greatest @Dredd always trying to catch me doing something stupid. You were there when I first started playing Asylum and ill never forget the fun times we had. @Blake Kingsin aka CgXkillz biggest meemer, still love you tho. Also if it wasnt for you vdming some fucking bounty hunters we would of never met. @Keen12321 Stayed in the gang through thick and thin thank you. @MARCUS STANLEY xD You never gave up, always wanting to improve, loved kicking ass, and I loved playing with you @Penguin_ One of the people who wasnt a complete asshole in Reliance @Ryang_000 thanks for being part of and leading the gang through some of the hardest shit and shittest moments. WIthout you Mayhem wouldn't be Mayhem @SFnader aka greek salad, miss playing with you had some great times. Still remember that time you shot down that orca at church arms and we all screamed. @Cougar. thanks for being part of the gang 3 times and being a pain in my ass. Even though you have been banned for a year I still miss your ass. @Capt Lelo you left your gang to join Mayhem about 2 years ago cant speek for you but I am so glad you did. @JackH Biggest pain in my ass but dont regret anything @Cory B You and me, we didnt get along very much at the end there but I cant say that I didnt have fun playing with you. GL in your future en-devours. @lladnar broke every rule I tried to enforce but for some reason I still like you @Nikita your still wearing that Mayhem tag (≈M≈) even though I told you to take it out, however I love you for that. @Mr.DabBoi youngest kid to join Mayhem and you were annoying, however, you have matured and are actually cool to talk to. @Snowi Pain in my ass but if it was not for you, mayhem wouldn't have been a thing so thank you for that. @so many more that I sadly didnt name. You know who you are. Thank you all. Goodbye Asylum community thanks for being a big part of my life.
  6. Like what type? I have an mk200 i think
  7. Bump changed some of the prices around and everything is negotiable. If you want pictures of a certain house just let me know
  8. This exactly is why its dying.
  9. Well lets look at it this way. The wait for 8.0 was over 4-5 months and what did we get? rotating drug fields and crank. To me 5 months of work for that does not seem adequate. It ruined the housing market and turned everyone's houses into shit. They didn't listen to what the community wanted which resulted in good people leaving. After that everyone saw how everything was going to shit and took off with them. I love Asylum, I played it for 3-4 years and love every day I played it. But now its just getting dumb and seems pointless to play anymore.
  10. When server goes to shit people tend to leave :(.
  11. I guess it is time to leave this. Was fun while it lasted.
  12. Ye I understand why you think that but it's a good house all around whether you lock yourself in or use it to vest or chuck grenades from its great for capping Rodo and or storing stuff but like anything I'm willing to go down a bit if required. Also the pangaia house is nice because it's not near many spawn cities.
  13. 5 Houses Total: 2 Athira Houses: Both are 120ks. 1 is on the main road of Athira towards rebel less than 150m from DMV. The other is around 100m from DMV. Great for running scotch and coke. - Asking Price: 500k+ each. 1 Rodopoli House: 120k flag view less than 20m from flag. Great for turf ratting or storing meth supplies. - Asking Price:450k+ 1 DP14 House: 120k Close to salt processor and or meth lab, about 1.5-3k from meth lab. Great for running meth or heroin. - Asking Price: 200k+ 1 Panagia House: 70k Sorta far from flag around 250m However it is hidden and you come up behind the flag, great for flanking. - Asking Price: 300k+ as Panagia Houses are limited. I will post pictures of houses if asked. All Houses must go, all starting prices can be bid on.
  14. This cartel is actually fun to fight.
  15. Don't understand why turfs were that big of an issue considering you could just get to the turf before it popped. People just didn't know how to shoot through walls or clear a fucking house properly. Guess everyone just wants to use rooks and sdars. Besides that everything was good.