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  1. @Alec-I @Alec-l you forgot events >: (
  2. Ba-KA


    Gimmie my weeb skin
  3. ....When you start clapping like that you are beyond tilted
  4. when will my AK have a Grenade launcher?
  5. -2 kept calling me bai-kai not bah-kah fuck u
  6. Ok Ok Even coordinator is here One of the biggest problems would be adding the scripts needed to make these run. Unlike admin events if something does go wrong someone is there to fix the issues that come with events (apart from @Deazy Johnson the man needs his hand held 24/7). Second yes as you said balancing. Balancing out events is a huge bitch. Example of this would be the Hunger games event @Deazy Johnson and I use from time to time. putting the right amount of crates/gear for a event that wont effect anything after a event is the worst part about them. Little timmy does a" airdrop" event gets to the crate finds 3 suicide vests and finds out oh shit arma crates are garbage and it dupes the gear inside if pulled to fast or drag and dropped out.Unless there is a way to track spawned in crates this will be a huge problem. Also for events that cops will be able to do is not as simple as a basic civ event people on cop have restrictions on what they can use. Big thing is the reward for after events. People bitch and complain about rewards for after events all the time so if you have randomly generated events with set rewards some will have better rewards than others which people will complain about. Well there is ways to hand out rewards for non admin events but regulating such rewards is uhh complicated. one way would be just put shit in vehicles like drugs or weapons. Drugs would be the easiest way to do so but need to factor in cops over running it and seizing like $500k worth of drugs ( which isn't a big problem but cops can easily overrun events via constantly rushing down lives with free gear". Weapons would be a big no go unless you put in garbage stuff like pistols/SMGs (but who wants that garbage). When using weapons as a reward the average player needs a use for these weapons like if i put 7.62 in a vehicle some wont have talents to use the weapons or houses to store them in so they just did a event for nothing. none admin events would be great BUT there is so much needed to make them work that people dont see and with current server problems it will just fuck more stuff up. Maybe later when servers dont crash every hour something will be added Also let me do events @Clint Beastwood and @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Thanks : ) p.s. English no good typing hard sentence structure makes me head hurt sorry
  7. thats a report later weeb
  8. give me event coordinator already you fucks
  9. Ba-KA

    My PC Is loud

    its prob the screams of those poor spiders and roaches hiding in the disgusting muck of that pc
  10. fuck the APD neckbeards passenger seat all of them
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