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  1. yeah ive got a dollar store mic
  2. @Maric what have u done!!!!!
  3. wouldnt surprise me if that was @Lorax
  4. This is by far the saddest good bye post I I will miss you house we need to chill sometime
  5. Thanks @bamf
  6. + Fucking 1 PS. I bet if you bring server 5 back your boy @Nekro will spend the big bucks
  7. I guess it only seems like alot cuz im a poor college kid
  8. I assumed someone brought it up before me I just wanted to take the credit
  9. isnt 700 dollars a month a bit much or Am I just delusional
  10. Credit to @SafeMode?
  11. 5 other people
  12. The only thing you got from living up to your "promise" is another person who thinks your a douchebag
  13. I might consider buying it knowing that its half price
  14. yeah i didnt waste my money on that. It looked like a replica of the first one and I heard it had less content so i wasnt willing to spend another $60 ,on what looked to be a very similar game.