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  1. SafeMode

    Been Fun

    Lucky guess Much luv o7
  2. SafeMode

    Been Fun

    37 fam
  3. SafeMode

    Montage #2

    Why don't u hop off my boy @CoryB and go post more hidden apps in the gang recruitment section.
  4. SafeMode

    Just a Cop Thing

    Whoops script error
  5. I hope this is a lesson for asylum I warned you guys years ago about the shitty P4 higher ups. Thank god @InnateOcean isn't LT anymore. Kid was probably the biggest piece of shit on the APD Also shoutout to @Adam0811 repping legion tags
  6. SafeMode

    Dorida Action

    "I was solidly behind the house when he domed me." I must suck playing with DS
  7. SafeMode

    I was banned.

    lol cya
  8. SafeMode

    APD Captain Announcement

  9. SafeMode

    Mongols Gem

  10. SafeMode

    Mongols Gem

    Legendary +1
  11. SafeMode

    What happened to the Cowboys?

  12. SafeMode


    Best moontage of 2k19
  13. SafeMode

    How to rob the bank(Youtube Video)

    I loved your role play aka The Roach Exterminators. p.s I also loved the 170k dirty money