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  1. @Shifty @X Jake @dynasty381 @vedalkenn Its time to bring the boys back
  2. Some how I am
  3. my suggestion for you is to invest in a time machine. Go back two years when this server had any sort of relevance.
  4. Yeah pubg is a better game
  5. @X Jake who is this kid?
  6. yeah im pretty sure the lions will
  7. pull downs confirmed
  8. @Trilligy by far is the best. Hes the only admin to give me a fair shot on this server fuck the other ones
  9. @Buck
  10. Get in the back of the line buddy.
  11. You forgot the og strategy of crashing a drug runner
  12. id suggest some kind of civ vs cop event. I remember doing a civ vs cop event in kav a long time ago
  14. Safebot oh no....