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  1. @PENIS PUMP BANDIT @王 Nenja 王 Take it to the PM or the asylum discord please.
  2. TBH DS needs all the favors it can get!
  3. Yea. So the cops can also have full helis to. Thats why i said its the best and worst.
  4. @TheNegative1One1 Good luck on your interview. Will be home soon to check you out in game.
  5. I kinda agree with both Tbh. Making them wait means they are devoted. Therefore harder for trolls to get in. Though i think we could make it so they have to do a tiny bit more to quicken up the time. Like add a second test that a SGT can give. Then if they complete that then they will be put on higher priority for being accepted. Though it didn't take me long to get into the APD.
  6. By far one of the best and worst additions to asylum. As a rebel its fantastic because most of the times i lose my heli while refueling it. As a cop it sucks because catching rebel helis will take ages because if they are smart they will always have a ton of fuel. 9/10 update ranking.
  7. Yea. TBH have they thought that maybe it might be ddos? I play cop sometimes and when i do whenever me or fellow officers capture big bounty guys the server craps out. Along with when on civ we get into big fights. It could be coincidence but it happens way to often. I mean the servers are playable now thank Odin. Much more then a year ago.
  8. Yea. I spent like 5 minutes looking at your map and ideas. You seem to know alot about the map so hopefully they consult you about it if they make a server 4 or 5. But lets hope they get server 1 to 3 working.
  9. i would not mind it. You did quite good with this idea @Ron Johnson. I hope the staff see this and hopefully base alot of the stuff around what your ideas have been. My only concern is i have never played malden lol so i dont know the towns. Would be fun to try.
  10. Bring back the seatbelts. Fix all the other shit you broke to.
  11. Yea. It definitely helped with crafting vehicles. I had a house up in sofia a year ago mostly for gear and rubber and other things.
  12. In-game name: Flare Chaser Age: 16 Hours in-game(screenshot) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=958489888 Previous gangs: USMC it was a short lived gang Are you a cop: No Why do you want to join this gang: Well i need a gang and i want to help out Tell us 3 things you are good at in-game: Im a good shot. I can drive well. I can Fly. I can roleplay well. Im loyal
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