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  1. Hello!
  2. I killed a DS member once but it was at prison so not as cool.
  3. NICE!!!!!!
  4. The karaoke stage use to bring peace to kavala and everyone would sing in harmony.
  5. Yeah you are right about that tyler! I play with you and you definitely can't lay a finger on anyone.
  6. I didn't hear you authorize lethals once. You are DONE SON! Nice shooting guess we are just going to have to have someone patrol 1K out and kill you every time we do a bank.
  7. Yesssss finally! This means S3 is back up all the time again right?
  8. That laugh get me every time.
  9. I was part of the group doing the banks and prisons haha
  10. Where was my invite? I would of played you some campfire songs
  11. No it was me
  12. He was haha
  13. Go Kart Shark Doo Do Do Do Do